Roleplay Multiclass: Barbarian

This is part of the Multiclass Series. For more base classes, click their titles to visit their posts.

In Dungeons & Dragons, you can play anything from a Half-Orc Sorcerer to a Halfling Rogue. However, for some people, that isn’t enough. That’s when we get into “Multiclassing”. Basically you decide that you want to be trained in two different classes, and become something new altogether.

Here are ideas for every multiclass. Sometimes you get the same character type regardless of which one you start with, but sometimes that can change the style from a narrative standpoint.

Credit where credit is due: PeteNutButter posted an excellent “Ultimate Optimizers Multiclassing Guide” on the Giant In The Playground forums. His guide did a lot of groundwork for this piece, as well as rank the new class-combos on a 6 point scale for how well the new class might workout in gameplay.

We won’t be going into Multiclassing rules, because you can find that yourself, but if something doesn’t make sense, ask your DM if you can just Homebrew it a little.

I also want to mention, that these are not all necessarily compatible in terms of abilities and power, these are more the narrative background to different multiclasses. Roleplay, not Roll Play.

As a Barbarian, you know how to get down to business, and that business is kicking butt. First one in, last one out, you live for the fight. However, for whatever reason, you now need to focus your skills more. There is a time and a place for your talents, but it isn’t every time and every place. Time to see what else you can do.

Barbarian Into…

Bard = Skald


Vikings are widely known for your classic murder, rape, and pillage. Which is why a lot of Barbarian characters are very Viking in nature. However, even vikings loved to tell stories. Those who did, were called Skalds. Skalds would fight in the battles alongside other vikings, but they were the ones who knew how to tell the best stories. They also would write down these stories into Eddic poetry.

As a barbarian, you also want to make sure the stories of your adventures are passed on. Have you character take a couple of points in intelligence as they learn poetic prose, and maybe pick the Lyre as your musical instrument.

Bard – College of Valor

Cleric = War Priest


You know how to deal damage, but your party doesn’t have any healers. This is tricky to maintain, and you really have to pay attention when it’s not your turn in combat, because you can either hurt the bad guys, or heal your party, but not both.

Cleric – Tempest Domain

Druid = Totem Warrior


Let me guess. You like killing people so much, you want to turn into a bear, to kill people better.

Your Druid Circle can really be anything, because it should be based on where you feel most at home. I would probably lean more towards Mountain for aesthetic reasons, but this should be a narrative decision.

Barbarian – Path of the Totem Warrior

Druid – Circle of the Moon

Fighter = Master Combatant


As a Barbarian, you obviously already know how to fight. However, maybe due to the fact that you have joined an adventuring party, you want to learn how to be a better team player. Good for you! I hope this means you pick up a shield and make sure you are standing between the baddies and your squishy teammates, as opposed to the middle of the battlefield doing as much damage as possible.

Barbarian – Path of the Berserker

Fighter – Protection & Champion Archetype

Monk = Shaolin Warrior


You know how to throw your body into chaos, but for whatever reason, you decided you wanted to work on some anger management issues probably. You begin meditating, and learn about your Ki, the magical energy that binds people.

Barbarian – Path of the Totem Warrior

Monk – Way of the Open Hand

Paladin = Avenger


You have learned to focus your combat for a cause. Perhaps you have seen the error of your violence, or have seen someone else use violence to hurt innocent people. Either way, you decided to have a “Come to Bahamut Moment,” or whatever god you choose to point all of your fury in the right place.

Barbarian – Path of the Berserker

Paladin – Great Weapon & Oath of Vengeance

Ranger = Warden of the Wild


You understand fighting people. People are evil, corrupt, destructive, they know that what they do harms others, yet they do it anyway. What you don’t understand, however, is animal cruelty. Animals have no hatred, except hatred bred into them by people. Animals are innocent in a way no person can be. Therefore, you have taken it upon yourself to defend all the wild from the harms of civilization.

Barbarian Path of the Totem Warrior

Ranger – Defense / Two Weapon Fighting & Beast Master

Rogue = Enforcer


Killing people is easy, but it isn’t always lucrative. You have been offered a position to be the muscle behind those more nimble-fingered than yourself. They try their best not to get caught, but when they do, you are there to get them out.

Rogue – Thief

Sorcerer = Dragon Blood


At some point in your life, you realize you have inherent magical abilities. You continue to demolish those who stand in your way, but now, you have the power from your Draconic Bloodline with you. You are unstoppable.

Sorcerer – Draconic Bloodline

Warlock = Destructor


You destroy those who stand in your way, but you became hungry for power. You wanted to go beyond what you can train your body to do. Therefore, you have made a pact with a malevolent being, so that you can feel the power that you had only dreamed of before. All tremble at your sight.

Warlock – Pact of the Blade

Wizard = Arcane Warrior


You know how to kill evil, but you wanted more power. However, that doesn’t mean you will turn to the forces of evil to get it. Then you would become that which you hate. Therefore, you work hard, you defeat others expectations of you. You rise above to not only be the best with your body, but also with your mind.

Wizard – School of Evocation

How do you like to Multiclass Barbarian? Let us know in the comments below!


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