Roleplay Multiclass: Bard

This is part of the Multiclass Series. For more base classes, click their titles to visit their posts. 

In Dungeons & Dragons, you can play anything from a Half-Orc Sorcerer to a Halfling Rogue. However, for some people, that isn’t enough. That’s when we get into “Multiclassing”. Basically you decide that you want to be trained in two different classes, and become something new altogether.

Here are ideas for every multiclass. Sometimes you get the same character type regardless of which one you start with, but sometimes that can change the style from a narrative standpoint.

Credit where credit is due: PeteNutButter posted an excellent “Ultimate Optimizers Multiclassing Guide” on the Giant In The Playground forums. His guide did a lot of groundwork for this piece, as well as rank the new class-combos on a 6 point scale for how well the new class might workout in gameplay.

We won’t be going into Multiclassing rules, because you can find that yourself, but if something doesn’t make sense, ask your DM if you can just Homebrew it a little.

I also want to mention, that these are not all necessarily compatible in terms of abilities and power, these are more the narrative background to different multiclasses. Roleplay, not Roll Play.

You are a storyteller. And with your stories, you have found the magic within. Whether it is through music or the spoken word, there is power that eminates from your skills to perform. Unfortunately, some people see you as worthless outside of a tavern or court. Time to show them how useful someone with your talents can really be.

Bard Into…

Barbarian = Skald


You love to tell stories of heroes, spreading fear and hope into those who listen to you. But it wasn’t enough to tell those stories, you wanted to be the hero of your story.

In Viking culture, there were such fighters and story tellers called Skalds, who made sure they survived each adventure, so that they could pass on the legends of their victories.

Bard – College of Valor

Cleric = Evangelist


You have always been a story teller, but you recently found that you were becoming a follower of faith. Gods ask their disciples to serve in many ways, and you have chosen to spread their word to all, so that they too may have the opportunity to find the meaning in their lives that you have.

Bard – College of Lore

Druid = Wind Speaker


There are stories upon stories of heroes and villains that you have heard all your life. However, you recently realized there just as many stories about nature and the wild. You have decided to learn all that you can about those secrets beyond civilization. Beyond the men and women who think they are all this world has to offer.

Bard – College of Lore

Druid – Circle of the Land

Fighter = Gladiator


Much like the Skald above, you have always told others legends of heroes throughout time, but you want to start to be the hero of those stories yourself. However, let’s be honest, you don’t want to risk your life for it! Then there wouldn’t be any stories, because you’d be dead! Instead, you decided to work at being a hero of entertainment, and fight in the gladiatorial rings, where no one really dies, because that’s not as entertaining as seeing different heroes fight different villains. It’s all a show. Are you not entertained?

Bard – College of Valor

Fighter – Battle Master

Monk = Death Dancer


You weren’t a bard for the story telling reasons necessarily. Sure you learned how to play music and weave tales of woe and wonder, but you were more drawn to martial arts, a performance that too many cast away for the gleaming sword and shield. You begin to study this art, and learn to weave combat with beauty.

Paladin = Battle Hymnist


Much like the Evangelist, you found your faith later in life, and decided to worship your god using your talents of music and art. However, you have found yourself in a situation wherein you cannot just tell stories about your almighty, but will bring their powers to help in the fight against evil! You bring the songs of the gods onto the battlefield, so that they will assist you in your fight for their glory.

Bard – College of Valor

Paladin – Dueling

Ranger = Songbow


Much like the Speaker of the Trees, you have found their to be beauty in nature, far greater than any mankind can create. You have decided to live within the wild, and sing with the sounds around you. Why does this compel you to fight? Only you can answer.

Ranger – Defense & Beast Master

Rogue = Inflitrator


You can tell stories, sure. But now you must use that talent to gain the trust of your enemies. It is a difficult task, but one you have taken upon yourself. You learn how to destroy others from the inside, while they never realize it was you all along.

Rogue – Arcane Trickster

Sorcerer = Wunderkind


You have always been good at pretty much anything you’ve ever tried, which is why you fell into the Jack of All Trades aspects of being a bard. What you didn’t realize, however, is that you are so good at everything because you have latent magical abilities. Every time something has gone your way, or have been “lucky” is because you didn’t even realize you were bending the will of the world around you to always fall in your favor. You are now starting to realize it, however, and learning how to change it from a random luck, to intentional acts.

Sorcerer – Wild Magic

Warlock = Chained Singer


You have sold your soul to a dark menace for whatever reason. Now, you are more than just the bard, but a bard on the chess board of another. You are bound to do their bidding, to make yourself more famous perhaps? More talented? Was it more than some superficial narcissistic reason? What was it? And was itworth it?

Warlock – Pact of the  Tome

Wizard = Lore Keeper


You learned of history through these stories, and you love it. You can’t seem to get enough, however the stories seem incomplete. Inconsistent. History, as you know, is written by the winners. What is there to learn, when you can see it for yourself? You study magic, purely so you can look back in time, and get the real stories behind the songs and poems you know.

Bard – College of Lore

Wizard – School of Divination

How do you like to Multiclass Bard?Let us know in the comments below!


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