Roleplay Multiclass: Sorcerer

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In Dungeons & Dragons , you can play anything from a Half-Orc Sorcerer to a Halfling Rogue. However, for some people, that isn’t enough. That’s when we get into “Multiclassing”. Basically you decide that you want to be trained in two different classes, and become something new altogether.

Here are ideas for every multiclass. Sometimes you get the same character type regardless of which one you start with, but sometimes that can change the style from a narrative standpoint.

Credit where credit is due: PeteNutButter posted an excellent “Ultimate Optimizers Multiclassing Guide” on the Giant In The Playground forums. His guide did a lot of groundwork for this piece, as well as rank the new class-combos on a 6 point scale for how well the new class might workout in gameplay.

We won’t be going into Multiclassing rules, because you can find that yourself, but if something doesn’t make sense, ask your DM if you can just Homebrew it a little.

I also want to mention, that these are not all necessarily compatible in terms of abilities and power, these are more the narrative background to different multiclasses. Roleplay, not Roll Play.

From a young age, you have found yourself to be…talented. There is power in your blood, which essentially enables you to do whatever you want in life, but really, really well. The more you look into yourself, the more you are better at other tasks, but balance isn’t necessary. If anything, it’s just an edge to help you succeed.

Sorcerer Into…

Barbarian = Dragon Blood

You feed off of your power. But it’s become not enough to hurt at a distance. You decide you need to get up close and personal, and feel the damage you are doing. It’s time to get angry.

Bard = Wunderkind

You aren’t a hurtful person. You’ve known about your powers for a while, but that doesn’t mean it has corrupted you. In fact, you are an entertainer at heart. Sure you don’t have all of the background and training, but if they don’t know you don’t know, who are you really hurting? They get entertained, and you get paid. Win-Win.

Sorcerer – School of Enchantment

Cleric = Sanctite

Image result for sorcerer cleric art

These powers aren’t your right just because you were born with them. They are a privilege. And like any privilege, you have to prove that you deserve them. So you do your duty to worship whichever god you believe to be responsible. It’s time your prove yourself.

Druid = Wild Soul

The powers in your soul have always come alive in the more remote settings. They seem to be tuned to the melodies of nature. let’s see how far this thing goes.

Fighter = Blade Mage

Image result for sorcerer fighter art

Like the Fire Blood, you know that sometimes you need alternative methods for different situations. Your powers come in handy, sure, but they aren’t the end all be all. You aren’t based out of rage though. Instead this is a logistical decision. Just being prepared.

Fighter – Great Weapon / Two Weapon / Dueling & Eldritch Knight

Monk = Shadow Hand

Where do these powers come from? You know they lie deep within you, so you decide you should dig around, and see what else you can find.

Paladin = Smiter

Like the God Touched, you know that these powers are a gift, to be used in service of the god who gave them. But let’s be real, a lot of these powers are combat based, so your god clearly doesn’t want you to just be a healer, it’s time for you to fight for your patron. It’s the least you can do.

Paladin – Great Weapon

Ranger = Witch Hunter

Popularized by the Vin Diesel movie of the same name, you are trying to hunt those who use dark Magics. Between monsters and the occult, they bring nothing but suffering to this world.

Rogue = Kleptomancer

Related image

You’ve always gotten what you wanted, even if you haven’t always understood how. If you think about it though, you might as well keep practicing that skill, because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Time to learn some tricks of the trade.

Rogue – Arcane Trickster

Warlock = Flame Weaver

Power. You don’t know where this power came from, but you know it was from a higher power. Time to see what else they can offer you.

Warlock – Pact of the Tome

Wizard = Ultimate Magus

Image result for sorcerer cleric art

You have a natural talent for magic, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to continue studying it. This is amazing, and you were literally born to do it! You will go down this rabbit hole until you have learned everything you can.

How do you like to Multiclass Sorcerer? Let us know in the comments below!


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