Around the Table in 80 Dice

Around the Table in 80 Dice is a defunct podcast from The Nerdd Network.

Every month, a group of adventurers will explore new Table Top Role Playing Games, creating our own audio journal of inter-system travels.

Each game had four episodes to enjoy.

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Dungeons & Dragons is known as the father of all Tabletop Role Playing Games as it was created in 1974 by Gary Gygax

Our table is headed by Miriam Scott, the Dungeon Master
We have 
Phebe James playing Andraste Ilphelkiil, a 543 year old Elven Ranger
Jessica Wall playing Myev Windreavyr, a double headed battle axe wielding Half-orc Barbarian  Isaiah Weatherford playing Ilde Fireforge, a holy symbol war hammer wielding Dwarf Cleric  and Caleb Wall playing Ander Windreavyr, a sterotypical Human Wizard

Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory

This month, our explorers will be adventuring into the Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory game
In the episode, I explain the setting of Warhammer 40K for those unfamiliar with it
This month Scott Krammer is the game master.
Miriam plays the Sister of Battle, Henna Orten
Caleb Wall Plays the Imperial Guardsman, Sergeant Gael Harden
Jessica Wall Plays the Imperial Commisar, Victoria Linn
Isaiah Weatherford Plays the Space Marine, Battle-Brother Trojon Kull of the White Scars.


This month, we dive into the Fireborn game
Fireborn is a tabletop roleplaying game where your character is a Scion who lives in modern day London, but was unknowingly reincarnated from a dragon in a past life

Miriam Scott is our GM this month
Scott Krammer plays Alex Bright, a paramedic who was once a Feathered Beast Dragon
Ryan Huff plays Eric Jackson, a former military special operative who was once a Noble Fire Drake
Nicole Krammer plays Taryn Folk, a mechanic who was once an Abyssal Dragon
Marlis Tasker plays Victoria Lowe, a programmer who was once a Serpentine Spirit Dragon

Delta Green

This month, we play the award winning game Delta Green
Delta Green is a tabletop roleplaying game where your character is an agent of the secret government organization called Delta Green, whos mission is to find, stop, and cover up the goings-on of lovecraftian cthulu type ancient gods
Scott Krammer is this months GM
Caleb Wall, Sean Tasker, Jessica Wall, and Nicole Krammer are our players this month
Over the next four weeks, these four will play in an fan made adventure called “A Soft White Dam” by Will Schar

Dragon Age

This month, we play Dragon Age
Dragon Age is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the hit videogame series by Bioware
Miriam was our GM
Scott Krammer, Sean Tasker, and Jessica Wall were this months players.
Now, here is Around the Table in 80 Dice, featuring Dragon Age

Legend of the Five Rings

This month, we play Legend of the Five Rings
Legend of the Five Rings is a game set in a fantasy world inspired by Feudal Japan and it’s mythology.


This month, we play Numenera, an award-winning science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in the far distant future,

Miriam Scott was our Game Master

Scott Krammer, Caleb Wall, Isaiah Weatherford, and Sean Tasker were this months players.

Uncomfortably Close to Murder

Little Hen

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Don’t Fear the Reaper