Roleplay Multiclass: Fighter

This is part of the Multiclass Series. For more base classes, click their title to visit their post.

In Dungeons & Dragons , you can play anything from a Half-Orc Sorcerer to a Halfling Rogue. However, for some people, that isn’t enough. That’s when we get into “Multiclassing”. Basically you decide that you want to be trained in two different classes, and become something new altogether.

Here are ideas for every multiclass. Sometimes you get the same character type regardless of which one you start with, but sometimes that can change the style from a narrative standpoint.

Credit where credit is due: PeteNutButter posted an excellent “Ultimate Optimizers Multiclassing Guide” on the Giant In The Playground forums. His guide did a lot of groundwork for this piece, as well as rank the new class-combos on a 6 point scale for how well the new class might workout in gameplay.

We won’t be going into Multiclassing rules, because you can find that yourself, but if something doesn’t make sense, ask your DM if you can just Homebrew it a little.

I also want to mention, that these are not all necessarily compatible in terms of abilities and power, these are more the narrative background to different multiclasses. Roleplay, not Roll Play.

You are trained in combat. Whether you went to a specialty school, served in some military capacity, or was an apprentice to another warrior before you, you have learned how to turn your body into a well crafted weapon. Well rounded, useful in most situations, much like the sword you were trained with. However, just like a sword, you have no specialty. Time for you to take the discipline that got you this far, and focus, so that you won’t be good enough for most situations, but perfect for your situation.

Fighter Into…

Barbarian = Berserker


You have always known how to defend yourself. However, you slowly realized that you are gaining a hunger for it. There is something sweet in the thick of battle. You begin to become more careless, giving into your anger rather than your mind. You cast off defensive measures for more aggressive ones. This is where you belong.

Barbarian- Path of the Berserker

Bard = Luminary


You know why you fight. You know that death on the battlefield is an honorable one. You know how to keep pushing, even when your body can’t. You look around you, however, and realize that others that fight with you don’t know why to fight. They fear death, that it paralyzes them. You learn that you have to be the one to push them farther than they can push themselves. You are their leader.

Bard – College of Valor

Cleric = War Priest


You have fought many battles, and while you have survived and thrived, you have seen many brothers and sisters in battle not receive the same fate. You are tired of holding those beside you in your arms, as you watch the life fade from their eyes, unable to help them. No more, you say. From now one, if one of my own fall down, I will be there to pick them back up.

Cleric – War Domain

Druid = Protector


You have fought before, sometimes for a cause, sometimes not. However, now you have found your calling. You must defend the defenseless, and stop the evils of the world from harming the innocence of nature. This is your calling.

Druid – Circle of the Moon

Monk = Pugilist


You have fought on battlefields, but you learned that there is combat that doesn’t use swords and arrows, but only yourself. You study this new form of combat in martial arts, and learn how to make yo

ur very body weapon.

Monk – Way of the Open Hand

Paladin = Crusader


Like the forest protector, you have found your calling. You have fought for a number of reasons before, but now, you have found a god who you can defend. People are fickle, with changing agendas and alliances. But your god, your god stands the test of time, and will never back down from what they believe is right.

Paladin – Oath of Devotion / Vengence

Ranger = Striker


You know combat. You’ve fought your fair share of fights on the battlefield, but your adventures keep pulling you into the wilds. You no longer have to worry about the other combatants, but nature around you. You realize if you are to be successful in this new theatre of war, you need to acquaint yourself with these new surroundings.

Ranger – Dueling & Hunter

Rogue = Guerrilla


War is messy. When you have a large army behind you, you can face the enemy in open fields, using cavalry and support and magic all to your advantage, seeing who can use their specialized units more effectively. But when you don’t have that army behind you, you can’t go toe-to-toe with your opponents, it’s suicide. So instead, you learn Guerrilla tactics, disrupting supply lines, espionage, attacks in the middle of the night, only focusing on high-value targets. Get in, do the smallest mission with the highest output, and get out.

Rogue – Thief / Assassin

Sorcerer = Dragonsword


In the heat of battle, that’s when you see people’s true colors reveal themselves. You realize who are the cowards, who are the leaders, and who are the heroes that turn the tide of battle. However, in the chaos and stress of life or death, something wholly new emerged from you. Now you have powers to harness, some draconic abilities, that you will use to be the hero that turns the tides of battle, to ensure your victory.

Sorcerer – Draconic Bloodline

Warlock = Maledictor


Power. You need power. It’s one thing to clash steel together, but there is nothing you can do when a fireball appears out of the sky and strikes you before you can even touch those in your way. You don’t have time to hide away in some room and study the fabric of space and time. You need something right now, or else you will die. You make a deal, and you hope that the ends justify the means that you have taken. Let’s pray your new patron doesn’t alter your deal further.

Warlock – Pact of the Blade

Wizard = Spellsword


Like the Maledictor, you know that the might of your sword isn’t always enough. But you have time to find a better option. You go and study under another, how to use the elements to aid you in your combat. Nothing like lightning shooting out of your hands, followed by a sword swung down to finish the job.

Wizard – School of Evocation

How do you like to Multiclass Fighter? Let us know in the comments below!


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