Roleplay Multiclass: Monk

This is part of the Multiclass Series. For more base classes, click their title to visit their post.

In Dungeons & Dragons , you can play anything from a Half-Orc Sorcerer to a Halfling Rogue. However, for some people, that isn’t enough. That’s when we get into “Multiclassing”. Basically you decide that you want to be trained in two different classes, and become something new altogether.

Here are ideas for every multiclass. Sometimes you get the same character type regardless of which one you start with, but sometimes that can change the style from a narrative standpoint.

Credit where credit is due: PeteNutButter posted an excellent “Ultimate Optimizers Multiclassing Guide” on the Giant In The Playground forums. His guide did a lot of groundwork for this piece, as well as rank the new class-combos on a 6 point scale for how well the new class might workout in gameplay.

We won’t be going into Multiclassing rules, because you can find that yourself, but if something doesn’t make sense, ask your DM if you can just Homebrew it a little.

I also want to mention, that these are not all necessarily compatible in terms of abilities and power, these are more the narrative background to different multiclasses. Roleplay, not Roll Play.

You have learned the art of meditation, and with it, the magic of life “Ki.” You have learned Martial Arts for the purposes of self-defense, never on the offensive. However now you look around you, and you know that you cannot just sit to yourself. You are needed either to help those around you, your god, or your home. Whatever the case may be, it is time for you to start doing something.

Monk Into…

Barbarian = Brawler


You have focused your energy into Ki, you have learned how to use the enemies anger against them. But now things have changed. Now you need to tap into your own rage, unleash the beast. They say once you learn the rules, then you can begin to break them, let’s just hope you don’t lose all that training and lose control.

Barbarian – Path of the Totem Warrior

Bard = Prizefighter


You know combat. No one you know can take you in a fist fight. But for whatever reason, maybe money, maybe boredom, you decide to learn how to fight in competitions, in front of a crowd. So you learn how entertain. And if you are able to give yourself a little supernatural assistance and no ones the wiser, that’s alright too.

Bard – College of Valor

Cleric = Sacred Fist


You have learned how to look inward, rely on yourself, and take care of your body. However, now you need to look upward, rely on a greater power, and take care of others. You have become more selfless, and are now in the service of others. May you bring happiness along with you.

Cleric – Life / Light Domain

Druid = Green Fist


You have focused on your natural state. No weapons or armor, finding the power within yourself. In fact, you start to see how unnatural others around you choose to live. The spit in the face of what this world has to offer, and you realize you no longer belong there. So you leave civilization, and go to the wilds, and learn more inner peace, on a level that simply isn’t possible surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life.

Fighter = Pugilist


Much like the Cage Fighter above, you need to learn how to be a little stronger, a little more aggressive with your combat. However, you don’t want to complete abandon all of the trainings of peace that you learned before. This is a safer path.

Fighter – Defense & Champion

Paladin = Redeemer


The perfect mix between the Boxer and the Sacred Fist. You realize that you want to start serving a higher power than yourself, but you know that your current skill set isn’t what is needed. So you decide to grow yourself into a different kind of combatant all together. The question is, how will you keep hold of your past, with this new path being so radically different?

Paladin – Defense

Ranger = Vagabond


A little bit of the Boxer, a little bit of the Green Fist. You need to find the peacefulness of nature, at the same time as become more aggressive, needing the use of weapons to aid you. What has put you on this path? What has happened that is so drastic, you feel the need to change your environment and lifestyle? Will the result of such drastic change leave you with unresolved trauma you will need to deal with in the future?

Ranger – Defense & Beast Master

Rogue = Ninja


The time has come for you to use all your skills that you have acquired, but for nefarious reasons. You slide into the dark, do your job, and leave without anyone realizing you were ever there. If anything or anyone does stand in your way, your martial arts training allows you to dispose of the problem silently, without alerting anyone else.

Rogue – Assassin

Sorcerer = Shadow Hand


As a Monk, you have spent years looking inward, and unlocking your inner power. This, however, may be more than you’ve bargained for. You have unlocked something you didn’t even know was there, and now you are adding mastery of the arcane to your ever-growing list of skills.

Warlock = Hex Hand


You are an expert, dedicating yourself to deeper understanding and ability. Perhaps you even are renowned for your talents. Your reputation has even gone so far to attract otherworldly forces, asking you to join their cause. What do they offer you, and at what cost does it come? What is your enlightened soul worth?

Warlock – Pact of the Tome

Wizard = Enlightened Fist


You have studied body and soul. You can feel though that you are beginning to reach the limits of what you can learn. Who are you without your study, practice, and dedication? There must be something else for you to throw yourself into. What is left, if not the mind? You now will surround yourself with those who wish to learn the secrets of what bind this world together. You are not done yet!

Wizard – School of Conjuration / Enchantment / Transmutation

How do you like to Multiclass Monk?Let us know in the comments below!


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