Welcome to 2019!

We have made it into another year! The Nerdd team is very excited to see what this year brings us, what conventions we will go to, and what kind of articles we will write! 

To start off this year, we have a cool new Dungeons & Dragons based article series, where we will post 3 articles each week for the whole month of January. Each one will take a look at each of the 12 base classes, and the narrative reasons for your character to multiclass into any of the other classes. No numbers crunching or efficiency/proficiency parts. Just the story behind those decisions. 

After that, by February, most, if not all, of our articles and posts previously will have been “audited.” Essentially what that means is they will be updated based on content and format, so that they are up to par with what you have come to expect from The Nerdd as of late. We are evolving, learning, and growing, and we don’t write today the same we did two years ago. 

As far as what we all get to enjoy, there are so many awesome movies coming out this year! I can’t wait to check each one of these off this list as we move through the year, and see what we write about them. I’ve already got some pretty cool ideas!

As far as TV, there is just as much to look out for! Streaming or cable, I don’t know how in the world we are going to manage to keep up with it all!

Can’t forget about awesome videogames coming up!

Our goal this year at The Nerdd is to be more consistent on social media! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we are going to be more active, and make an effort to be part of those communities.

As always, we want to hear what you think! Do you want us to review a convention in the Utah/surrounding areas? Is there a topic you want us to write about more? Do you want to join the team? Let us know in the comments below!

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