7 Things You Should Know About Deadpool

Deadpool 2 comes out this Friday, so we thought we could brush you up on some Deadpool Fun Facts!

Before we get started, a little info on Deadpool that you should already know. His name is Wade Wilson, he was dying of cancer, so he turned to Weapon X (a weapons facility responsible for Wolverine), there he was mutated into the Not-Sure-If-He-Is-A-Hero guy we all know and love today. He breaks the 4th wall, he’s a schizoid, he’s sarcastically hilarious, he’s practically invincible and can teleport (sometimes?). Without further ado, let’s get started.


Once of DC comic’s favorite anti-hero/mercenaries is Deathstroke. He gained popularity in the ’80s and in Marvel’s attempt to mock this character, Deadpool was created solely as a Deathstroke parody. Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson, Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson. Both are mercenaries, both are proficient in all weapons, and both choose to primarily use a sword. However, Deadpool is comically insane whereas Deathstroke is a very serious adversary. Did Marvel expect Deadpool to exceed Deathstroke in popularity? I doubt it. But we are all grateful for this parody.

The Voices In His Head

Deadpool is notorious for the two voices in his head that he converses with. It’s a little known fact that the logical voice in his brain is actually the voice of Doctor Bong (a Howard the Duck villain), and the psychotic voice in his head is actually the voice of Madcap (a Captain America villain). Why? Reasons. . .I suppose. I couldn’t find any sources as to why, however the voices in his head lend to some hilarious storytelling and excellent 4th wall breaking.

Lady Deadpool

In an alternate reality, Deadpool is a woman named Wanda Wilson who has more or less the same origin story and powers as the original Deadpool. She is the counterpart of the original Deadpool and they have met before. She shares a sort of sisterly role, or maybe a lover. It’s hard to tell with either of them. She belongs to a mock Green Lantern Corps knows as the Deadpool Corps.

The Deadpool Corps

The Deadpool Corps harness the power of sarcasm. It was formed when Deadpool was chosen by the Contemplator to fight the entity known as Awareness (their unique minds make them immune to Awareness). Their mortal enemies are the Evil Deadpool Corps led by Dreadpool followed by others (Galactipool, Venompool, Grootpool, Hawkeyepool, etc).


Deadpool Family: Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Headpool, Kidpool and Dogpool.


Formerly: Deadpool

Currently: Lady Deadpool


Probably Hot Pockets…or something


Through Lightest Light or Darkest Light,
Don’t need no bling to join the fight,
We’re mercs with mouths and so much more,
Yippe-ki-yay, We’re the Deadpool Corps!


Dreadpool is Wade Wilson from a different dimension, one where Deadpool was brought to the brink of madness by coming to the conclusion that he was just a fictional character in a comic book. In doing so he set out to kill everybody in the universe and all dimensions. He believes it to be the only way to ease his own suffering as well as the suffering of other fictional characters.

Loki’s Revelation

Like Dreadpool, Deadpool is aware he is just a comic book character. It is revealed to Deadpool by Loki that he is indeed just a comic book character written by “a man with a typewriter”. Instead of Deadpool telling everyone about it in some bloodthirsty killing spree, he casually jokes about it and it makes the comics even more enjoyable.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

In a What If scenario, Wade is committed to a sanatorium by Professor X. The intent was to fix Deadpool’s insanity once and for all, but things turned sour. The doctor assigned to Deadpool was actually Psycho-man, who mind controlled Deadpool to kill everyone. So after Deadpool killed Psycho man he went for the rest of the Marvel Universe and succeeded.

Now there you have it, all the small things you probably didn’t know about Deadpool. Here are a few memorable moments in Deadpool’s history for your enjoyment

Deadpool Resists Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare


Any Deadpool/Spider-Man Crossover Ever

Hufflepuff Deadpool


Deadpool has been a fan favorite ever since his creation back in 1991 by Rob Liefeld. Known as the very sarcastic and very murderous Mercenary for hire, he’s the man with the healing factor and hilarious quips to go with it.

Whats your favorite Deadpool moment? Let us know in the comments below!


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