Deadpool 2 comes out today, and there are a lot more characters in this movie than there were in the last one. So here we are to help break down each actor, and where you think you’ve seen them from. Hope this helps!

Ryan Reynolds > Deadpool > Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) / Andrew Paxton (The Proposal)


Josh Brolin > Cable > George W. Bush (W.) / Young Agent K (Men in Black III) / The Other Bad Guy (Avengers: Infinity War)


Morena Baccarin > Vanessa > Inara (Firefly) / Leslie Thompkins (Gotham) / Gideon (The Flash)


Zazie Beetz > Domino > Van (Atlanta) / Dana (Geostorm)


Brianna Hildebrand > Negasonic Teenage Warhead > Verity (The Exorcist)

negasonic teenage warhead

Bill Skarsgard > Zeitgeist > Pennywise The Dancing Clown (IT) / Merkel (Atomic Blonde)


T.J. Miller > Weasel > I-R0k (Ready Player One) / Gene (The Emoji Movie)


Terry Crews > Bedlam > Terry (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) / Captain Crews (The Cruise Crews)


Lewis Tan > Shatterstar > Zhou Cheng (Iron Fist, The Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of Kun-L’un) / Kung Jin (Mortal Kombat X: The Videogame: The TV show)


Eddie Marsan > The Headmaster > That guy that gets his hand cut off by Hancock (Hancock)

eddie marsan

Shioli Kutsuna > Negasonic’s Girlfriend Yukio > Ran (Shoujotachi no rashinban) / Rika (Kiseki: Anohi no sobito)

shioli kutsuna

Julian Dennison > Russell > The 3rd Press Secretary (The Trump Administration)


Leslie Uggams > Blind Al > Blind Al (Deadpool)

blind al

Karan Soni > Dopinder > Diet Coke Enthusiast (Diet Coke Commercial)


Who’s your favorite character in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments below!