Write For Us!

Do you have something to say about your fandom? Want to see what a journey in editorial/journalistic writing looks like? Just looking for a hobby? The Nerdd is a great place to start!

We’ll teach you all about writing, editing, SEO, and anything else about blogging you might be interested in.

No commitments needed. Whether this is a one-time test, or the beginning to a long journey, we will help and support you.

What Are We Looking For?

There are places all over the web for all kinds of writing.

Let us know what topic you’d like to write about, and any questions you have about our site.

Here at The Nerdd we focus on fandom or convention based articles, that are thought out and unique.

We publish long form (~1000 words) articles, with a singular topic that is supported with different ideas. Like essays in High School.

If you are looking to be a more permanent member of The Nerdd team, the types of articles that will be expected will become more expansive, but also higher quality.

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