5 Things You Should Know About Venom

This last week we got a sweet new Venom trailer. We got to see so much more than the initial teaser trailer, namely Tom Hardy doing his reporter thing as Eddie Brock, we saw the goopy liquid symbiote, how it fights, and the final shot of the Venom suit itself. Quite an improvement on the last trailer and a great look into what will be in store for the movies release. With all this Venom hype, here are a few facts about the character that you might not have known, and perhaps some things that will make it’s way into the movie.

The Symbiote Suit Was a Fan’s Idea

Whether or not this will come into play in the upcoming movie or not; it is an interesting fact that Spider-Man‘s black symbiote suit was created by comic book reader Randy Schueller.  In the 1980s Marvel had a competition for aspiring comic book writers to send in their ideas for money and a chance to write their idea. Randy sent in an idea that Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) would give Peter Parker a suit made of unstable molecules. The idea evolved into how we know it today when in the comic book event, Secret Wars, Spider-Man obtained his black suit made of a very aggressive and unstable symbiote, which he would later discard at a chapel in New York where it latched on to Eddie Brock.

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Venom’s First Appearance and Origin

Venom’s first appearance in 1988 was in the 300th issue of Spider-Man. It’s an essential read if you are a fan of Spider-Man or Venom. Eddie Brock, whose life had taken a turn for the worse when a stellar news article detailing the identity of a serial killer was foiled by Spider-Man unmasking the killer as somebody else. Eddie Brock lost his job, his wife left him, he was diagnosed with adrenal cancer and he decided to end his own life. He visited a church in New York, and asked God to forgive him for the act he was about to commit. As he thought of the decision he was about to make he came in contact with the discarded symbiote that Spider-Man had left. It was drawn to Eddie because of his hatred, anger, adrenaline and determination and thus Venom was born, with a severe hatred for Spider-Man.

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Venom Was Originally Going To Be Female

Originally, Spider-Man writer David Michelinie wanted the symbiote to find a pregnant woman whose husband was killed by a taxi driver too distracted by Spider-Man to watch the road. Immediately after the accident she would go into labor on the streets, and lose the baby. Then the discarded symbiote would find it’s way to her giving birth to Venom. This idea was rejected however, because a Marvel editor thought that a woman was not a credible enough foe for Spider-Man, go figure.

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Though the original idea for how Venom came to be was never brought into fruition, we do still get a female Venom counterpart; no matter how short lived. Anne Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, (who we also see in the trailer), helped Spider-Man try to incarcerate Eddie and the Symbiote. A confrontation with him proved successful, as she convinced him to give up his revenge scheme to kill Spider-Man. However, later Anne is shot by Sin-Eater and Eddie urges the symbiote to latch on to her in order for her to survive, giving birth to She-Venom. She in turn, kills Sin-Eater and her aggressors. After the fight the symbiote leaves her body. Disturbed because of the murder she caused, and Eddie becoming Venom, and later subsequent events, she kills herself, fueling Venom’s rage even more.

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Carnage is often referenced as a more extreme version of Venom, the likes of which only Venom and Spider-Man working together can stop. He’s a terrifying foe. It has had many human hosts but the first is a man by the name of Cletus Kasidy. Cletus once shared a jail cell with Eddie Brock when the symbiote was temporarily gone from Eddie’s body. Cletus, an experienced homicidal killer, annoyed Eddie Brock with his philosophies on murder leading Eddie to develop a dislike for Cletus and while waiting for the symbiote to spring him from jail, beat Cletus up. Unbeknownst to Eddie, the symbiote was pregnant. It gave birth, leaving it’s offspring in the prison cell with Cletus as Eddie made his escape. The offspring bonded with Cletus forming Carnage, the hated enemy of Venom.

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Suggested Reading:

For those who want to become expert Venom connoisseur, here are some comics to check out to see some of his best moments:

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Venom: Dark Origin
Venom vs. Carnage
Maximum Carnage
Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom
Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man

Are you excited for the new Venom movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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