Nerdd Moms

Mothers Day is upon us!

All around our favorite movies and shows, we see awesome moms doing awesome things, and it helps us remember our own moms, and the awesome things they have done for us!

good moms

Top Left Clockwise: Molly Weasley (Harry Potter), Lily Potter (Harry Potter), Queen Elinor (Brave), Catelyn Stark (Game of Thrones), Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Some moms have to go it alone, and do the best they can. And while they might not be able to do it all, they still give it their all…

single moms

Sarah Hawkins (Treasure Planet), Annie Hughes (Iron Giant), Eudora (Princess and the Frog)

This isn’t to say that there aren’t bad moms. There are some out there who don’t put their children first. They take selfish paths, and do selfish things, with no regard to their children who look up to them…

And there are sometimes where we don’t know…

And there are some of us, that can no longer wish our moms a Happy Mothers Day this Sunday. Those who had someone there for them, but she was taken away. But that doesn’t mean that they have no one. If you look around, you will find mothers in women in your life. Women that didn’t bring you into this world, but they sure as hell make sure that you still make it through. They wipe the dirt off your face, they hold you on your bad days, and they get you back out there, ready for tomorrow. They deserve our gratitude just as much as our actual moms. And we thank them all the same, because a mother isn’t just the one who carried you, but someone who continues to carry you…

surrogate moms
Nani (Lilo and Stitch), Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock)

And so today we wish all moms a Happy Mothers Day. Those who are kicking butt, those who are trying to give their children a better life then they had, and those who are filling in.

You are loved, you are appreciated, and you are not forgotten. We never call as often as we should, and we don’t say thank you enough, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still think about you each and every day.

Love you mom. Hope you have a good Mothers Day.

Dedicated to Laura Tasker

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