Who Is Captain Marvel?

There’s a lot of news surrounding ‘Captain Marvel’ lately, between both DC and Marvel. So lets break down who Captain Marvel is, and why there are two of them!

Brief History


Fawcett Comics had Captain Marvel back in the ’40s, but DC sued them for him being too much like superman.

captain mar vell

Then Marvel was able to trademark “Captain Marvel.”

DC buys Fawcett Comics, but has to rename their hero after his catchphrase, “Shazam!”


Captain Marvel became Shazam after DC bought Fawcett Comics. Shazam is really a little 12-14 yr old boy named Billy Batson who, when he shouts “SHAZAM!” he gets the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Image result for shazam gif injustice
And Vice Versa

In the DCEU (Worlds of DC) we will be getting a Shazam! movie, starring Zachary Levi that is said to be a much lighter film compared to some of the other hero-based films of the DC Extended Universe.

shazam zachary levi


Within Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel is a name that has been used by many, many characters such as a Kree secret agent, Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvell

Most recently, however, is Carol Danvers, who originally called herself Ms. Marvel in 1977 after she absorbed some of Mar-Vell’s powers due to a radiation explosion, and decided to start superheroing as well.

ms marvel

Ms. Marvel now is a muslim girl named Kamala Khan, who has her own story which we won’t get into now.

kamala khan

Not only did she change her name to Captain Marvel in 2012 after Captain Mar-Vell died, she is now going to be the titular character of her own film. This film is said to be set in the ’80s, and have young Nick Fury, with both eyes. Will we see how he lost his eye? Hopefully!

brie larson captain marvel

Which Movie Are You Most Looking Foward To? ‘Shazam’, or ‘Captain Marvel’? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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