Happy 2 Year Birthday to The Nerdd!

This Sunday marks our 2nd Birthday! Our first article ever was November 18, 2016, titled Netflix’s Luke Cage – Review. Since then we have published 191 articles (this is #192), two Podcasts, and attended four conventions in an official capacity.

When we started, we weren’t really sure what was going to be the driving force of this site. We did reviews of TV shows and trailer breakdowns for new movies, but based on the articles people keep coming back to, it seems you all want to read more about conventions.

slcc show floor

Other very popular articles are ones based on panels from different conventions. Those hour long conversations about a specific detail of your fandom gets really fun, to hear different view points or behind the scenes conversations. We want to bring you more of those as well.


Comic conventions are like a vacation to most nerds, you save up and plan all year long, get all dressed up, meet up with friends, buy unique memorabilia, and make awesome memories. For the next year, this website is going to try to focus more on that aspect for you. That’s why we created a new page on the site called Conventions Near The Nerdd.

Currently we are only tracking conventions in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, but if requested, we will expand our circle to involve more and more locations.

Celebration Circle

Without spending a dollar in advertising, we still have averaged 225 visitors every month, with 305 on average the past three months.

Our most popular article ever is Why is Everyone Walking Away From The Walking Dead with 300+ views, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you should!

The most popular one of this year has been 10 Reasons Why Cosplay is Great with 225+ views.

We are excited to continue to expand, and to do that, we need your help!

Introduce Yourself

We want to hear from you! What is your favorite fandom, do you like the site, do you NOT want to read convention styled articles? We want you to enjoy the site and come back, so tell us who you are and what you want to read.



Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we have an account for you to follow! Every time you do, someone else sees our content, and might find something they like! It takes no effort on your part, and means so so much to us.


Whenever you read an article on here, we want you to comment! Every time you do, we will respond, and we want to talk to you! We want to hear what you think. If your conversation goes deep enough, it might even inspire another article, that you can get a little thank you on!


If you like our articles, subscribe and get them sent straight to your mailbox! We only post two articles a week, so we aren’t going to flood your inbox like other subscriptions. Get a fun little piece that breaks up whatever official boring stuff is in there. Make your inbox a little less boring!


Like I said, we have two podcasts now. Pave Your Own Road and Around the Table in 80 Dice.

PYOR logo

Pave Your Own Road is where Sean and Chanel interview small business owners and entertainers on the how and why they ditched the standard 9-5, and opt in to the difficult choice of being in charge of your own career. Being your own boss. It is because of the guests on this podcast that have let us be invited to conventions. Between the owners of two different conventions (Snake River Fandom Con and TimpCon), Pixar storyboard artist Adrian Ropp, and a comic book/coffee shop Watchtower Cafe, we are talking to some really cool people that you might like to hear from as well.

80 Dice Logo

Around the Table in 80 Dice is an actual play tabletop role play game podcast, where every month we play a new rpg (like Dungeons & Dragons) so that you can expand your game groups options. RPGs are in a boom right now, and more people than ever are getting into these imagination based games. Don’t limit yourself to just the basic system, when there are so many fun styles to choose from.

If either of those seem interesting to you, they are both on iTunes and GooglePlay, and if you want we can put them on another host so you can listen to our shows! The more support and feedback we get, the more likely for more shows to be made in the future (and I have a lot of ideas for new shows)!


This website is free, the podcasts are free, and anything we create in the near future will be free. We are going to keep it that way. However, we want to spread the word to other readers! We want to be able to pay our authors for all of the time and effort they put into these articles. Therefore we have set up a Patreon account for The Nerdd. Please don’t feel guilty if you don’t, this is if you want to see more than what we have done before.


Join the Team

We are always looking for people who want to join the team! In the past (and hopefully going forward) we have had people in author, editor, social media manager, and other roles. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, especially when this is entirely volunteer (until we get more monetary support).

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write about your favorite fandoms, maybe you want to learn more about podcast production, whatever it is, there is probably room for you!

Email TheNerdd.Sean@Gmail.com and lets get talking!

Thank You

Without people reading this website, I probably wouldn’t keep going. But there has clearly been a response to our content, and you reading this is part of that response.

Thank you so much, and I hope all of you and more are here next year, when we check back in for our next birthday!

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