TimpCon 2018

Another new convention!

If you’re looking to find a new gaming group, head down to Provo, Utah on October 19 & 20 for the Timpanogos Game Convention.

As anyone who has ever played more than one tabletop game knows, every game has a different style and purpose. While all games are loved, TimpCon wants to focus on new games you’ve never played before.

We are all familiar with games like Risk, where you compete with other people at the table to take over the world, or maybe games like Pandemic where you all work together to save the world.

But when you look at these games, you might start to wonder, who are you? What put you in a position to conquer/save the world? Or, you just want to meet some friends to play games, whether it be board, card, or role playing. This is a place where you can make some friends, play some games, and tell some stories.

This is what TimpCon is all about; finding something for everyone.

Another great selling point is that they are in Utah Valley! There are a lot of conventions in the Salt Lake area and farther north, but nothing really in the Provo/Orem region of the state.

TimpCon is excited to bring a fan convention to those big college towns, and help students and families find something new to do, in between finals, and cut the cost of travel.

While they don’t have a panel/programming schedule, you can walk the vendor floor, find and try new exciting games, and hopefully meet some awesome people while you’re there!

Not only that, but The Nerdd will be there as well! More is being explored as of right now, but stay tuned, and hope to see you there!

What’s your local gaming convention? Let us know in the comments below!


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