Snake River Fandom Con 2018

The Nerdd is going to Snake River Comic Fandom Con again this year!

Sean and Chanel Tasker will be panelists and interviewing some of the celebrity guests!

We will write articles here about each panel we were on, and you can hear the interviews on the Pave Your Own Road podcast!

Are you interested in going? Because you should be (granted you live somewhat close to South-Eastern Idaho).

Snake River Fandom Con strives at a few things that you don’t always see at conventions!

It’s Smaller

Which is a good thing! Sure, you don’t get to see David Tennant, but the people who are there, you actually get to meet, without paying a minimum of $30. Same goes for pictures! From actors on Little House on the Prairie, to Pixar storyboard artists, to local professional cosplayers, you might even be able to join them on their lunch break.

Because it’s smaller, the panels don’t have hundreds of people in them, which means it goes from you listening to panelists talk, waiting for the Q&A section to say what you think, to a conversation with qualified pros!

You Learn

So many panels, instead of just talking about “Why Justice League Flopped,” you can learn how to sew your next Cosplay, or take your sketchbook to an artist who can give you tips, same with your in-progress book to a published author, or OR, you can go to an audition workshop led by someone with 40 years of a movie career.

They even have arts and crafts (for all ages) making a superhero mask or a Harry Potter wand.

You Play!

I know a bunch of conventions have gaming floors, but due to the smaller size of this one, it’s a little cooler than your average gaming floor. If you win the Tekken Tournament, you actually get to play against the Nina voice actress Lisle Wilkerson!


Or maybe if you’re more of a tabletop gamer, you can play Deadlands, but your game master is the creator of the game, John Goff!


Things That Changed

To start, the location has reduced. Last year, the convention was spread between an events center, and two hotels. Apparently, a lot of attendees missed out on all the panels, because they thought it was only the events center. Basically that made it a 3-day flea market. To help out this year, they got big tents outside the events center, reducing the amount of panels, but making sure that every attendee has the opportunity to enjoy as much of the 175 hours of programming as possible.


The other major difference is that they changed owners! This was a bitter-sweet moment because last year, Snake River Comic Con weren’t able to get as many attendees as they hoped. Over 1,700 came to enjoy the nerdiness, but as is the case with many new conventions, it wasn’t enough, and that would have been the end of it. But one of the staff members loved the freshman con so much he bought it, to make sure that it could continue. Last year, by the end of the three days, some people had started calling it Snake River Family Con, and that is perfectly exemplified here, as a member of the family was there to help when things were looking bleak. It was more than a business decision, it was passion.

Lastly, as you might have noticed, the name change. Due to the legal battle between (FanX) Salt Lake Comic Con(vention) and San Diego Comic-Con, all “Comic Cons” had to change their name. You can read about it here.

Ready to Go?

Check out their website for more information! Or go to their Patreon page.


  1. Sounds like a fun con! We’ll have to see if we can go next year. Can you tell me more about next year’s theme? It’s called The Phantom con, I’m not sure that’s a fandom I’m really into. Thanks!


    1. So the theme is more playful than practical.
      For one, the first day next year is on Friday the 13th
      Then, they call their mascot the “Fandom Phantom” so they just decided to play with it.
      It won’t be a horror convention or anything.
      Thank you for commenting!
      By the way, how did you hear about the Phantom theme?


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