SRCC: A New Convention for the Northwest

If you’ve ever made your way through the Midwest of the United States, sometimes it seems as if the mountains, plains, and fields will never end. The population of this area seems to be far and few between, but believe it or not, quite a few people make this area their home! Through the years as comic conventions became more popular, they spread throughout the entire country.

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To those of us that make these beautiful areas our humble abodes; we are ecstatic when people come together to celebrate their love of hobbies. Especially those of us that are nerds. We are excited to let others know that there is a new convention that is happening in less than a month!

Snake River Comic Con is happening in Pocatello, Idaho from September 29- October 1 2017! 

This is their first convention, and the first one to happen in the southeast corner of Idaho! They’ve put together an amazing weekend for all nerds alike to have a great time. One of the great things about this convention is that they have set it up to be a lot more intimate. You won’t have to wait in long lines or pay ridiculous fees to meet an author, celebrity, or artist; you’ll be able to talk one-on-one and actually see everything you came for!

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Another reason why we’re so excited about this new convention is because The Nerdd is going to be there with a few of our authors running panels, doing press coverage, and doing live recordings for our sister podcast: Pave Your Own Road! This is the first time The Nerdd will be venturing out past the internet and we are floored that we get to be apart of this!


The two people that are a part of The Nerdd team that will be there are Sean and Chanel Tasker. Between the two of them they cover the spectrum of anything that would be considered geeky or nerdy; and SRCC is going to be the perfect place to discuss and share what they love.


If you’re interested in coming to this convention or even if you want to check out what they’re doing, go to

There are so many things available for everyone, no matter what age you are or what you like. We would highly recommend checking them out, there has been so much work put into this convention to make it a wonderful time for everyone who attends!

Just a few of the things that you can experience:

-Over 300 hours of panels/programming to feed your favorite fandoms!

-A vendor hall that will have all the things you can buy; from photo ops, comics, art, autographs and more!

-Tea parties everyday to quench your thirst, meet some great people, and be entertained while you relax!

-Several areas just for kids where you can enjoy several selections of family-oriented entertainment that will be a blast!

-A Victorian Ball, a Murder Mystery Party, costume contests, a burlesque show, dance parties… *whew*, and even more!

What is your local convention? Let us know in the comments below!


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