6 Most Powerful Weapons in the Marvel Universe

What is the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe? It could come in handy when the Avengers battle Thanos, or whenever they decide to fight Galactus. So rather than try to rate these by how powerful they are, we’ll go over some noteworthy items in the Marvel Universe that are hailed as super powerful, then I’ll tell you what is actually the best one. Lets get started.


Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir is regarded in Nordic mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons capable of leveling mountains. According to Nordic legend the dwarves Sindri and Brokkr messed up on the length of the hilt making it shorter than intended, but still deadly enough for the God of Thunder to wield it effectively. The interesting thing about Thor’s hammer is that it can only be wielded by those that are worthy, courtesy of Odin, (noteworthy people who can do this are, Captain America, Storm, Beta Ray Bill, etc). So why doesn’t it fall to the ground when he hangs it on a coat hanger as seen in the movies? Is the coat hanger worthy? I popular theory as to why is that the hammer is sentient to some extent, meaning it knows when it’s being handled by a human and when it’s just being placed on a hanger. A sentient hammer capable of leveling mountains? Pretty great!

The Mandarin’s Rings

The Mandarin (not Trevor the actor, the real Mandarin), is one of Iron Man’s most terrifying foes. What makes him so terrifying are the ten rings that he wears, (the Ten Rings being the name of the terrorist group in the movies). These rings can do a lot of stuff. They are almost like the b-list Infinity Stones. Not only are they functional for combat, but they are also very magical. Take a look:

The Destroyer Armor

It is briefly seen in the first Thor movie but this thing is some seriously powerful stuff. It was created as a brainchild of Odin, Zeus, and Brahma; the three gods of their respective pantheons. The Celestials decided to judge humanity and cut their ties to the other worlds so Odin built this armor out of an unknown mystical metal and enchanted it to be stronger. The armor housed the powers of all three of the God Kings in order to stop the Celestials. It resides in Asgard and Odin only uses it under dire circumstances.

The Evil Eye

It is a rod with a translucent eye forged of another unknown metal. It is indestructible and has the power to manipulate matter at a molecular level, shoot fire, break down force fields, create force fields, suck energy from power sources and has time/dimension traveling capabilities. It’s like the Swiss army knife for superheros. Not only that, but if it’s power is charged too high it would burst into six beams of light destroying everything in their path until they reach a sun.

The Infinity Gauntlet

The glove of Thanos. Something that the MCU has been building up to for nearly ten years now, and is about to be unleashed next month in Avengers: Infinity War. It houses the six infinity stones and has the power to do almost anything. Rearrange matter? Done. Traverse time? Easy. Reverse the laws of nature? No problem. Punch someone really hard? That works too. This gauntlet has to be the most powerful things right? Not quite.

The Most Powerful Weapon Is…

Daredevil’s Staff/Grappling Hook/Escrima Sticks

No no no, just kidding. But seriously, as far as non-powered, purely technological weapons go, his multi-functional fisticuffs assistance apparatus is really effective when it comes to battling crime from Hell’s Kitchen to Thanos. The actual most powerful weapon is…

The Ultimate Nullifier

Gifted to Reed Richards by The Watcher in order to fight Galactus, the literal “eater of worlds”. It has the power to erase somebody from existence. It is the only thing in the entire Universe that Galactus fears and is the only reason that he didn’t eat the planet Earth. It also has never actually been used. Reed only threatened Galactus with it and keeps it at the Baxter building in case Galactus ever comes back for more. It seems underwhelming, and it is, but the fact that for whatever reason Galactus is afraid of it, makes it the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe.

What is your favorite item in the Marvel Universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The Ultimate Nullifer: think of it as an eraser. Now think of the entire universe as a drawing on a piece of paper. Said eraser can get rid of anything, even itself.


    1. Well put. I like the idea that it’s like a relic of the previous universe and has the capabilities to pretty much erase anything, (even beyond the capabilities of the Inifity Gauntlet seemingly).


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