Happy 5th Birthday to The Nerdd!

Five years ago this Thursday, I wrote my first article for this site.

As of this writing, there are 472 articles published on this site.

Not all of them have been by me, we have had some really great writers come and go over the years, some of which have left to focus on college, or getting married, starting a podcast, or even publishing a children’s book!

We have had over 135,000 people visit the site, for over 180,000 page views.

Our single most popular day, two years in a row, has been Star Wars Day, May the Fourth! This Star Wars Day broke last Star Wars Day’s record, which is actually really funny to me.

Our single most popular article this last year has been 11 Steps for Building a Homebrew World for D&D. Last year I predicted that it was going to take over the reigning champ,  Pop Culture Heroes as D&D Characters, and it is actually almost three times more popular!

Last year, because of Covid, we had to stop our podcasts, but instead we started a Twitch channel, in which my wife Chanel plays a lot of games, but her focus is definitely on speedrunning the Spyro remake trilogy.

Also, we used to be based out of Salt Lake City, which is why we covered a lot of Utah/Idaho conventions, but now that we live outside of Orlando, Florida, we have articles about visiting the huge theme parks here.

We’re not sure what’s next, because this pandemic just doesn’t seem to want to end. The goal is that once it does, I’m going to start checking out all of the cool conventions here in Florida, like MegaCon and SuperCon (no relation). Also, have you heard about the new Star Wars Hotel, because I have…

Anyway, as always, go follow me on twitter (@SeanTheNerdd), follow Chanel on Twitch (@ChanelTheNerdd), and join our mailing list to get articles right to your inbox!

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If you want to be a volunteer writer for The Nerdd, feel free to reach out at TheNerdd.Sean@Gmail.com

Whatever nerddy topic you want to talk about, or if you are interested in becoming a writer, come talk to me, and we can find a place for you on the team. We’ve had authors and editors in the past, and are very happy to include you in whatever way would make you most excited.

What do you want to read about next? Let me know in the comments below!

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