One of the things that Bruce Wayne does not formally have is a family. They were gunned down in an alley when he was a child. It’s a sad story and the motivating reason behind him punching people on the streets of Gotham. That’s not to say however, that he has not picked up a few sons (some surrogate, some legitimate), some familial friends, and some stand out people to add to his make-shift family. One of the compelling things that keeps readers reading Batman comics is his iron will to keep those he loves safe. It’s quite affecting to see him fight and be willing to die for those he has given been stewardship over. So here we are going to briefly go over the connections and origins of the people that Batman has adopted into his family.

For those currently reading, or thinking of hopping into the DC Rebirth Comics, this is the current list of those under the Batman Banner.

Dick Grayson, Nightwing

The very first Boy Wonder. Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed when his family’s trapeze show was sabotaged and they all fell to their deaths minus poor Dick. Bruce Wayne saw promise in the young Grayson and trained him as his protege. Years later as an adult he became Nightwing, defender of Blüdhaven.


First Appearance: As Dick Grayson: Detective Comics #38 (1940), As Nightwing: Tales of the Teen Titans (1984)

Recommended Reading: Batman: Black Mirror, Nightwing: Traps and TrapezesNew Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

Jason Todd, Red Hood

Jason Todd was found by Batman while he was stealing tires off of the Bat-mobile. He grew up on the streets and when Batman saw him, and his skill in getting the tires off of the highly armored and secure car he drove, he adopted him as a new Robin. Sadly, Robin was later killed by the Joker. Yet he was brought back to life as The Red Hood, originally a murderer come to be Gotham’s reckoning; he later joining the Bat-family and the Justice League offshoot team: The Outlaws.


First Appearance: As Jason Todd: Batman #357 (1983), As Red Hood: Batman #635 (2005)

Recommended Reading: Batman: A Death In The Family, Batman: Hush, Batman: Under The Red Hood

Tim Drake, The Red Robin

It is said that Tim Drake will one day become a better detective than Bruce Wayne himself. After Jason Todd’s death, Tim deduced the identity of Batman and Nightwing and petitioned to become the new Robin saying that “Batman needed a Robin to keep him in check” since Batman had taken a darker turn since Jason’s death. Tim was trained as the next Robin, and as he grew older he became the Red Robin in order to fight crime on his own and stands as one of Batman’s most trusted allies.


First Appearance: As Tim Drake: Batman #436 (1989), As Red Robin: Kingdom Come #2

Recommended Reading: Robin: A Hero Reborn, Robin II: The Joker’s Wild!, Robin III: Cry of the Huntress

Stephanie Brown, Spoiler

The third Robin and third Batgirl. Stephanie Brown was born the daughter of The Cluemaster (one of Gotham’s third-rate villains). Her father returned to Gotham from prison claiming to be rehabilitated but planned on resuming his life of crime. She tailored her own costume and joined Tim Drake on the hunt for Cluemaster. After kidnapping him she was inducted into the Bat-Family. She spent a good amount of time as Batgirl and even as Robin for a little bit before coming into her own as the Spoiler.


First Appearance: Batman #647 (1992)

Recommended Reading: Batgirl Vol 3, (2000), Batman: War Games, Robin 3-5

Damian Wayne, Son Of Batman

During Batman’s time with the League of Assassins in Nanda Parbat,
unbeknownst to him, he conceived a child with Talia Al Ghul. Talia showed up with the child a decade later. His name was Damian. Damian had been trained by the League but then left in Bruce’s care. Becoming the current Robin, he fights along side his father in Gotham city (though they come into conflict when it comes to the whole “no killing” thing). Damian is a welcome addition to the family and an interesting dynamic to the Caped Crusader.


First Appearance: Batman #655 (2006)

Recommended Reading: Batman & Son, Batman & Robin (2009-2011), Teen Titans: Team Building

Alfred Pennyworth, The Butler

The one and only, Bruce Wayne’s loyal yet reluctant confidant. With a military background, and some time on the stage; he provides Batman with all the hot meals, the sage wisdom, and the occasional wise-crack that we all know and love. Where would Batman be without Alfred? Dead…..the answer is dead.


First Appearance: Batman #16, (1943)

Recommended Reading: Batman: Earth One, Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #59-61, Nightwing: Alfred’s Return

Selina Kyle, Catwoman

Selina Kyle is the infamous Catwoman. A (usually) morally ambiguous character and love interest of Batman. She is the original Cat Burglar turned anti-hero. Depending on the continuity she’s an immense help to Batman, a lover, or sometimes a spouse. Whatever the relationship; there is no doubt she loves Bruce and wants what she thinks is best for him, even if he doesn’t see the same way.


First Appearance: Batman #1 (1940)

Recommended Reading: Catwoman: Year One, Catwoman: When In Rome, Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper

Barbara Gordon, Batgirl

Commissioner Jim Gordon is a close friend of Batman. It is his daughter though who works closest with Batman. Barbara Gordon, daughter of Jim Gordon, was, for a time period, the original Batgirl. Later she was shot through the spine by the Joker and became the tech expert, The Oracle. Recently they have retconned away the back injury and she fights as Batgirl once more.


First Appearance: Batman #139 (1961)

Recommended Reading: Batman: The Killing Joke, Batgirl: Year One, Birds of Prey

Katherine Kane, Batwoman

Katherine Kane is heir to the Kane Family Fortune. The Kane family pretty much owns whatever the Wayne family does not in Gotham City. Katherine was once confronted by her ex-girlfriend Renee Montoya (the second Question), and told that she didn’t have the good in her to do what was right, which prompted Katherine to become the Batwoman after their breakup. For a while she frequently teamed up with Renee Montoya and the First Question before finally meeting the Caped Crusader and tentatively joining the Bat-Family.


First Appearance: Detective Comics #233 (1956)

Recommended Reading: Secret Origins #3Batwoman Vol 1: Hydrology, Countdown #41-39

Lucas Fox, Batwing

Son of Lucius Fox (Batman’s armorer), Lucas Fox inherited a high tech suit called the Batwing suit from David Zavimbe. David was a former member of Batman Incorporated based in the Congo; when he retired he gave the suit to Lucas who joined Batman’s team of heroes almost immediately, finally fulfilling his dream of being Batman.


First Appearance: Batwing #19 (2013)

Recommended Reading: Batman Eternal Vol 1, Rebirth Detective Comics Vol 1

Harper Row, The Bluebird

Harper and her brother Cullen lived in the slums of Gotham with their neglectful father. She grew up seeing the Batman from afar and wishing to help him. With expertise in electrical engineering she emancipated herself from her father and took her brother into the city to start a career. She later met Batman while she fought a group of delinquents bullying her brother for his sexual orientation. She strove to join him and eventually did, becoming a member of the Bat-Family, and carving out a new life for her and her brother.


First Appearance: Batman Vol 2, #7 (2012)

Recommended Reading: Batman: Court of Owls, Batman: Graveyard Shift, Batman: Endgame

Duke Thomas, The Signal

During Zero Year when Riddler shut the power off in Gotham, Duke met the Caped Crusader when Batman saved him and his friends. Years later he joined Batman’s “We Are Robin” initiative, but later left to join the Batman family and fight crime side by side with Batman full time. He is a metahuman who is still realizing his powers, yet that does not stop him from doing the right thing. Now he fights alongside the Bat-Family as the Signal.


First Appearance: Batman Vol 2 #21 (2013)

Recommended Reading: Batman Rebirth Vol 1-3

Jean Paul Valley, Azrael

Jean Paul Valley was raised in the Order of St. Dumas. He was created by the villain known as “Mother”. He works as their protector and warrior Azrael. Originally in the ’90s, Azrael was potentially going to replace Batman as heir to the cowl and had a stint as the Knightfall Batman. Recently he too joined the Bat-Family in Batman’s attempts to keep Gotham safe.


First Appearance: Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (1992)

Recommended Reading: Knightfall, Azrael Vol 1: Fallen Angel, Batman & Robin Eternal

Claire Clover, Gotham Girl

The newest addition in the Bat-Family is Claire Clover. After her parents death, her and her brother Hank traveled elsewhere to gain superhuman powers. Their powers were conditional however. When they used their powers it would sap their lifespan. They could live for 2 more years with Superman level of powers, (or an hour with god-like powers). For a time they fought crime in Gotham City as Gotham and Gotham Girl. However, after her brother Hank was driven insane and killed himself by single-handedly fighting the Justice League, Claire briefly went manic, shaving her head in the process; but was rehabilitated by Batman and The Signal and now fights crime with rest of the gang.


First Appearance: Batman Rebirth Vol #1 (2016)

Recommended Reading: Batman Rebirth Vol 1-3

Cassandra Cain, Orphan

Cassandra Cain was the second incarnation of the Batgirl. Cassandra Cain was raised in the League of Assassins. From birth Cassandra was trained to be the ultimate martial artist and assassin. She wasn’t even taught how to speak, only to map out opponents movements to better fight. Later she left the League and, inspired by Barbara Gordon, became Batgirl for a short period of time. Later she left Gotham and fought crime abroad as the Black Bat. In the new DC Rebirth, her origin is that of an assassin trained on the streets of Gotham and inducted into Batman and Batwoman’s “boot camp” for young crime fighters.

Cass Cain.PNG

First Appearance: As Cassandra: Batman #567 (1999) As Orphan: Batman And Robin Eternal #26

Recommended Reading: Batman: Gates of Gotham, Batgirl Vol 1 (2005), Batgirl: Kicking Assassins

Harold Allnut, The Engineer

Harold is a more obscure Batman character, but one of Bruce’s trusted friends. Harold Allnut was born with severe kyphosis. He is mute, and disfigured, looking like a hunchback. He ran away from home to the relief of his abusive family and was later found by the Penguin who manipulated him into use his mechanical mind to build weapons for him. Later he was saved by Batman and lives in the Batcave. He helps Bruce develop and build his arsenal and is best friends with Ace.


First Appearance: The Question #33 (1989)

Recommended Reading: Batman: Hush, Knightfall

Ace The Bathound

Originally the guide dog for a blind Native American named Black Wolf, Ace was acquired by Bruce Wayne when Black Wolf died. Recently the history behind Ace has been changed to him being a dog formerly owned by the Joker and taken in by Batman, receiving his name because of an Ace playing card mask that he was wearing. Regardless, he is Bat’s best friend and a avid fighter along side Batman when he needs it.

Ace the Bathound.PNG

First Appearance: Batman #92 (1955)

Recommended Reading: Batman Annual #1

There are many other characters either related directly or slightly to the Dark Knight himself. Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.