10 Best Scenes From Comic Book Movies

Comic book movies have become somewhat of a staple in the movie industry in the past decade. From the great comic book movies to the abysmal, they never seem to disappoint when it comes to making money at the box office. Nothing is more fun than going to see a comic book movie and seeing the character come to life on screen. An added bonus is when plot, script, and narrative come together to create an amazing scene that lingers in our memories far after we leave the theater. So this post will be talking exclusively about the greatest scenes from comic book movies in no particular order.

Spider-Man 2: Stopping the Train

The first one on this list is from the second Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire. Say what you want about the series, but this movie but this is the greatest entry in the original series. One of the greatest parts of the movie is when Dr. Octopus starts a train in New York racing towards the end of the line. With no mask, and little time before the train plummets off the tracks, Peter Parker hops up front and with a combination of webs, jamming his leg into the tracks, and pure Spidey strength, he stops the train. It’s a touching moment, it shows off some great heartfelt Spider-Man action, and it deserves a spot in our memories.

Wonder Woman: No Man’s Land Battle

Wonder Woman did a lot for comic book movies. Besides it being the first superhero movie with a female lead role, it was also one of the first DC movies in a long while that wasn’t garbage. In the movie we see Wonder Woman approaching the front lines in World War I. After being told that nobody goes into the no man’s land between trenches, she decides to take matters into her own hands and charge the enemy head on through the no man’s land and inspire the rest of the British troops. An epic scene.

The Avengers: Hulk, Smash

The majority of the Avengers movie is a series of them trying to get together as a team but eventually having a lot of differences and fighting (Hulk and Thor, Ironman and Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow). Either way, the climax of the movie comes when they all get together to fight the Chitauri invasion in New York. Bruce Banner shows up and voluntarily turns into the Hulk and they all proceed to fight the aliens, it all culminates when the camera pans around the group showing them all ready to fight. A truly amazing scene that blew us all away in the movies.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Time In A Bottle

Quicksilver has always kind of been labeled as the inferior version of the Flash. In the comics it’s probably safe to say the Flash is faster; but the greatest film version of a speedster is without a doubt when Quicksilver saves Magneto, Wolverine, and Professor X during the prison breakout in Days of Future Past. Great cinematography, good choice of music and just fun to watch.

V for Vendetta: Ideas Are Bulletproof

V For Vendetta is a great comic book adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic book. V is an anarchist masquerading about in dystopian London. V meets his end when challenged by a room full of gunmen, but he would never go down without a fight. After taking fire he proceeds to take everybody out and it ends with one of the greatest lines in comic book movies.

Iron Man: Fight in Gulmira

The first Iron Man movie did a lot for comic book movies. It kicked off the MCU and provided us with a really solid comic book movie. When Tony Stark escapes his captors and starts to refine his Iron Man suit he sees the men who captured him earlier in the film on the news terrorizing a town in Gulmira. Deciding to fight them off by himself whilst also debuting his suit; he saves the town in an epic fight sequence.

Superman Returns: Airplane Rescue

After Clark Kent’s long sojourn into space to find the remains of his planet, he returns as Superman to save an airplane plummeting to the Earth’s surface. This is the first time we had seen Superman after years. It is a great continuation of the previous adaptations of Superman and this scene could be right from the comic books and is just fun to watch.

Civil War: Final Fight Scene

Captain America: Civil War is an amazing Marvel movie that is actually based on a comic book event. The Avengers are split up due to differing opinions about the Sokovia Accords regarding the events of Age of Ultron. The movie ends with Captain America and The Winter Soldier fighting Iron Man. It’s an incredible scene and a stunning fight to watch, setting a premise for the next few Marvel Movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Come And Get Your Love

When Star Lord infiltrates the abandoned planet of Morag in order to find a treasure for a buyer who hired him, we not only see the opening credits of the movie but a hilarious lip sync as Peter Quill romps around the cave singing Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love.” A very funny and entertaining opening scene to a then obscure premise for a Marvel movie.

The Dark Knight: Interrogation Scene

The Dark Knight has done the best critically of all the movies on this list. It’s an amazing movie, some would say it’s a perfect movie. The script, the acting, the plot, and the cinematography in the movie are superb. There are plenty of classic scenes in this movie that are very memorable. The most widely recognized is the interrogation scene when Batman interrogates the Joker to find out where Rachel and Harvey Dent are kidnapped.

What is your favorite scene from a comic book movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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