Update on The Nerdd!

Hi everyone! This is Sean, I write the majority of the articles you see on this site, and I have some news that few of you will find interesting, but it’s very exciting for me, and so I’m giving everyone an update anyway.

Starting Monday, TheNerdd.com will be monetized!

Over the past three months, we have seen growth that has brought us to the point where I believe it will become profitable to monetize the site. In fact, as of Tuesday the 26th, we had more visitors and views to the site in 2020 (Year-to-Date), then the whole year of 2019! That’s an incredible amount of growth!

For those of you unfamiliar with the inner workings of blogging, let me give you some insight.

As you may have noticed, my website has advertising all over it. These are ads that I cannot control, and do not see any money from. All the money from those ads go to WordPress, and as a result, I don’t have to pay any money to host my site with them. All I have to do is log on and write articles, and they handle it going online, being reachable by Google, counting how many people visit the website, and a lot more. According to their homepage, WordPress is the host to about 1/3 of the internet.

Now, in order for me to make money from those ads, I have to pay WordPress for hosting my site, as they won’t be making the ad revenue themselves. So I had to research roughly how much money WordPress was making from my site, and compare it to how much it costs to Upgrade my hosting so that I make the ad revenue myself.

If my math is accurate, then about two weeks ago I passed that threshold, where I can make more money from the ads than I would spend from upgrading my site (it’s a monthly fee).

I’m not sure how much this is going to affect how The Nerdd looks and operates.

I want to be clear, however…

The amount of articles I publish will not change.

I have published at least two articles a week for the past year, and that is not going to change, and it certainly won’t diminish.

However, not only may the ads that are displayed change, but there are other benefits to upgrading, such as the layout of the website.

There are hundreds of options that I’ve not seen before, and I may be changing the website to see if I like something else better.

So if you land on my website anytime soon, and it’s ugly, please let me know. If things begin to popup that you don’t like, let me know. If anything changes that make you not want to come back, let me know and I will fix it.

Also, if you are subscribed via email and you never even go to my site, but just read the articles through your email, then you might never notice a difference.

Anyway, the point is, things are changing here at The Nerdd, and I wanted to let you all know what is happening and why.

Thank you so much for reading, as it’s your support that is allowing us to grow in this way. I’ve been writing on this website for over three years now, and I’m finally going to be seeing the fruits of my labor (even if it is just $1, it will be my favorite $1).

Thank you!


  1. I have 2 WordPress blogs. My main (https://waynesbooks.games/) I’ve always paid the monthly subscription. My Twilight 2000 blog (https://kaliszweb.wordpress.com/) is the free WP account level.

    So you started talking about ads, and I’m thinking “What ads?” on my T2000 blog. I forgot I use an ad-blocker. Your post prompted me to take a look at it w/o AB, and… Holy Cow! Diabetic ads, Dogs eating grass, and yada yada. I hadn’t realized that’s what many folks see on my T2000 blog. Hmm.


    1. Yeah, I’m excited to see how much control I have on what ads appear on my site, doing research on different ad networks, and all of it. If I can get just HeroForge and Roll20 and movie ads on here, I’d be so excited. Not whatever random ads that WordPress can get the best deal on.

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