D23 Marvel Recap – 2019

So much entertainment right now is coming from Disney, which could be bad for the film industry and entertainment long-term, but in the short term, that means we are about to get a whole lot of fun coming at us.

There is so much, in fact, that we are going to have to split it up into sections. So today we are going to take a look at Marvel news, but come back on Wednesday for Star Wars, and Friday for Pixar, Disney Prime, the Parks, and a bunch of other stuff.


The lineup below was announced at San Diego Comic Con this year, and we’ve gotten updates on Black Widow, Eternals, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and What If…?.

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Black Widow got a sneak peek, showing some of Budapest, a reference to a conversation between Hawkeye and Black Widow in The Avengers, as well as confirmation that this film will be the official start of Phase 4 of the MCU. We already know that one of the major antagonists of the movie is going to be Task Master, but know we know that David Harbour will be playing the comic character Red Guardian, who is married to Natasha Romanoff before they both become super heroes, the Red Guardian being a Soviet version of Captain America.

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We already knew that The Eternals movie was announced, which is the prequel of all prequels, explaining why Earth specifically has so many superheroes, and not the rest of the universe. As Captain Marvel says “There are a lot of other planets in the universe, and unfortunately, they didn’t have you guys.” The Eternals would also explain the celestials we’ve seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, such as Ego and Knowhere.

The news in with this movie, is that Kit Harington will be in the film, reuniting with Richard Madden from their Game of Thrones days. Harington will be playing a non-Eternal in the film, called Black Knight. We also got to see the concept art for the costumes of the Eternals, which look amazing.

The Eternals at D23

We’ve known for a bit that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be a Disney+ show, and that it probably follows the two Captain America sidekicks, as they try to learn what it means to be Captain America, now that Sam Wilson was gifted the shield at the end of Endgame.

The news is that not only will Cap’s modern fling Sharon Carter make an appearance, but so will the villain of Civil War Helmut Zemo. Lastly, we have the major villain of the show will be a character named Super Patriot (or U.S. Agent), who always believed that he represented true American Ideals, and not Steve Rogers. This of course will reinforce the idea that the show is about finding what it really means to represent and personify American values.

U.S. Agent - Wikipedia

We recieved more news on the Disney+ show WandaVision, which, as I’m sure you can guess, star Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) and Vision. Unlike the Marvel Netflix shows, Disney is making sure to show that these Disney+ shows are heavily intwined with the films. So we will get a visit from Monica Rambeau (who we met as a small child in Captain Marvel), as well as appearances from Darcy Lewis (Jane Fosters friend in the Thor films), and Jimmy Woo (Scott Lang’s parole officer in Ant-Man and the Wasp).

Lastly, many fans were hoping that this show would take notes from the Tom King Vision series, which is said to be some of the greatest Marvel comics out right now. It seems Disney was listening, and, while they didn’t have any shot footage, they spliced together bits of the Wanda and Vision relationship we’ve already seen, with footage from the Dick Van Dyke Show. Disney says that this show will be 1/2-1960’s sitcom, 1/2-Marvel spectacle.

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The last pre-announced show we will get into is the What If…? series. Marvel’s “What If…” comic line was a series of single issue comics, that take a look at alternate versions of Marvel history, to see where else stories could have gone. In the announcement we not only see a glimpse of the Marvel Zombies, but also a shot of if Peggy Carter had gotten the Super Soldier Serum, and become Captain Britain.

What If? footage shows Peggy Carter's Captain Britain


Now into brand new announcements. Luckily they didn’t spill all the beans at SDCC, so we could get some fun stuff here too.

It was announced that Ryan Coogler would return for Black Panther II, which will be released May 6, 2022. Unfortunately that’s all we’ve heard thus far.

Black Panther 2

As far as the Disney+ shows, the first to mention is the Ms. Marvel series. Ms. Marvel is a Muslim teenage girl named Kamala Khan, who is such a big fan of Captain Marvel, that she names herself after Carol Danvers when she gets super powers. It was also stated that she would later appear in a movie, after her character is introduced in her show.

Ms Marvel' Co-Creator Fears Her Powers Will Look 'Really Creepy'

The next notable Disney+ show is She Hulk. Jennifer Walters is a cousin of Bruce Banner, who gets Hulk Powers after an emergency blood transfusion. This doesn’t stop Walters from being the awesome New York lawyer that she was, but she focuses her attention on super-powered cases. The Netflix show Daredevil showed a bit of the NYC lawyer side of Matt Murdock, but it would be really exciting to get a full Law & Order style procedural, with She Hulk at the helm.

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Lastly for Disney + we have Moon Knight, a show that everyone thought would join the Defenders slate, but it seems they were holding out for their own streaming service. Moon Knight is a mercenary and former Marine who’s life was saved by Ancient Egyptian God of the Moon, and now does his bidding.

Image result for moon knight

As far as non-Disney+, a trailer was shown for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seventh and final season.


Lastly, Marvel mentioned the Elephant in the Room, which was Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Previously, Spider-Man film rights belonged to Sony, who agreed to a deal with Disney, where if Disney helped make a couple Sony Spider-Man movies, then Disney could use the same Spider-Man in three of their films. That deal finished with Spider-Man: Far From Home. When it came time to renew the deal, Disney believed that they should be getting more from the profits of the Sony films, because of their creative help, as well as the theory that more people are seeing them because of it’s relationship to the MCU. Sony disagreed. So because of this, at the moment, there will no longer be Spider-Man in the MCU.

However, Sony will continue making Tom Holland Spider-Man films. So it’s very muddy how this will shake out. If I had to guess, I would say that either Disney and Sony will make a deal at the last minute, and work it out, or fans are going to accept that the new films are MCU canon, even if they technically aren’t. The current name for the Universe that Spider-Man and Venom are in is called the Sony Marvel Universe, or SMU.

As mentioned, Sony only owns the rights to Spider-Man film rights, so for the Disney XD animated Marvel’s Spider-Man, a follow-up mini-series Maximum Venom is on it’s way, which will also have story threads from the animated Guardians of the Galaxy show.

What Marvel property are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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