My Star Wars Anthology Wish List

It’s clear that Disney is going to be making a Star Wars movie every year until the end of time. Their current pattern shows they are making every other one an “anthology,” or one off story that stands on its own.

These are the anthologies I want to see.

Jedi Series

Sure the main stories are all about the Jedi in various Galactic Civil Wars, but there is so much about the Jedi we don’t get to see enough of.


There are about 20 year between Obi-Wan dropping Luke off with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, and giving Luke his fathers lightsaber. I for one cannot believe that the entire time, after exploring the galaxy and saving countless lives, that he would be content just sitting in a sand hut, growing super old looking within like 20 years. Lets see undercover Obi helping Bail Organa out and starting the rebellion.


Speaking of Jedi, how did the Jedi come to be? How did they help establish the Old Republic, and the Republic? I’m actually not sure if those two are the same thing. How did they become such esteemed members of society, and have a Jedi temple, when none of them have actual jobs? I have so many questions on the origins of Jedi!

jedi book

The Knights of Ren

So Luke kills the Emperor, and tries to reestablish the Jedi Order via the Knights of Ren. It goes horribly wrong, Kylo Ren goes evil, and creates the First Order, and now (according to the Last Jedi trailer) Luke wants to end the Jedi entirely. What could have possibly happened that went so wrong? Also, Mark Hammil is a little bit too old to play 30 year old Luke, so all that talk about how Sebastian Stan looks just like young Mark sounds like the perfect casting.

knights of ren.jpg

Sith Series

The Jedi aren’t the only awesome Force users in the galaxy. The Sith also have a huge part to play.


Darth Bane, according to the non-canon Extended Universe books, is the reason there are only two Sith allowed at a time. The short story is basically: The Jedi create light, and the Sith use dark. While you must eliminate Jedi to allow more darkness, the more Sith there are, the less dark there is to go around. At the beginning of his story, the Sith army is as expansive as the Jedi, but as a result they are very weak. He betrays all of his dark brethren to allow himself and his apprentice to become strong enough to properly fight the Jedi. This is why the Jedi thought the Sith were extinct at the beginning of The Phantom Menace. 

darth bane.jpg

The next three would make a trilogy of sorts, each being their own movie with their own protagonists and antagonists, but an amazing Teacher-to-Student-to-Teacher progression never before seen in a trilogy.


Chancellor Palpatine told Anakin the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise who could save others from death, until his apprentice killed him. And his apprentice was none other than Palpatine himself, Darth Sidious.

darth plagueis.jpg


Not only did Darth Sidious become a Senator, then Chancellor, then Emperor, but it’s possible he wove the entire story of the prequels himself. With the ability to control life from his master Darth Plagueis, could he not have also been the one who made a child been born without a father, purely from Midi-Chlorians, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker? He makes sure it’s a slave child, so he would fly under the radar of the Jedi child search, until he became older, and would obviously grab attention accidently, because of his amazing Force powers. Then, becomes a Senator, gains the trust of a young girl interested in politics, and uses her for whatever he needs, such as making the Force baby go against the wishes and begins to doubt the Jedi. Add into all of that the secret creation of the Clone army for the Jedi, making sure that they need Clones with the creation of the Separatists, and has the foresight to create Order 66. A very long, very clever plan, that would make for a great movie.



The Separatists needed a public face and leader however, and Sidious knew who to pick. He found the Jedi Dooku, and seduced him to the dark side of the Force, and gave him the name Darth Tyranus, and made him the Count of Serenno. But this movie is still an anthology, not a continuation of the previous Sidious film. It would start with him being a Jedi Knight in his prime, then meeting Palpatine, falling to the dark side, and his creation of the Separatists and role in the Clone army creation. While a strong role from Sidious would be necessary, it would be more of a sub-plot, much like Snoke in The Force Awakens film, or just Sidious in the rest of the films. We see him giving orders and guidance, but is not much more than a hologram. Showing the two different sides of the same story would be an awesome feat, again like nothing we have seen outside of the Saw franchise.



Lastly, there are people crucial to the story that do not have access to the Force. This is what we have had so far with Rogue One and the upcoming Solo film, as well potentially the live action show The Mandalorian on Disney+.

Boba Fett

I have stated before this week that Boba Fett is a very overrated character. He has said maybe four lines in the entire original trilogy, and in the prequels he was a small child that did nothing of importance. So give us a movie that makes his fans more understandable. Give us a reason to “Fear the Fett,” or why Vader says to him “No Disintegrations” during Empire. In fact, the actor who played little kid Boba in Attack of the Clones is now a 30 year old man, and it would be so awesome to see him pick up the Mandalorian merch again, and show why everyone loves him. The only downside is, the cooler you make him in his show, the more ridiculous his death is in Return of the Jedi.

boba fett.jpg


In Return of the Jedi, Mon Mothma says that “Many Bothans died to bring us this information” about the second Death Star plans. It would be difficult to make this movie different than Rogue One due to the stealing of Imperial Death Star plans, but I think it could be done. While Rogue One was much more a war time, battle on the beach movie, Bothans could be more of a heist, a team of Bothans sneaking in, undercover, for the rebellion. These aren’t a ragtag group of soldier, droid, and blind ninja with his machine gun friend. These are a tight, well trained group that have done so many missions before, that they know exactly what they are doing, and still get killed by Stormtroopers that can hit them because they want to. More on that theory another time.


What Star Wars Anthologies do you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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