Celebrity Quarantine Moments

Previously I wrote an article about things you can do during the quarantine or self-isolation, but what are people actually doing? I decided to pull together everything we’ve heard from different celebrities and how they are handling their quarantine.

Late Night Hosts

It’s really interesting, you might have seen, all of the late night hosts are continuing their shows, but from the comfort of their own homes. Some are including their family members in the production, and some are struggling to make a show on their own. Without the support of an audience, a live band, a set, and in-person interviews, you can really see just the host themselves, in a way they might not be designed for.

Stephen Colbert is keeping things running smoothly, with his political commentary, but seems to be doing fine during the quarantine. I’m sure he’s getting around to rereading The Silmarillion again, which is great.

Jimmy Fallon has gotten his family to help, which includes his two very young daughters.

Here, Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston keep their sanity by talking to people via video and phone calls, because it’s been a long time since they’ve been able to leave their homes.

Probably having the roughest time, is John Oliver hosting Last Week Tonight, as that show is essentially just a 20 minute monologue, with no interviews or gags to break up the monotony.

Lastly, creating a news show from scratch, is John Krasinski with Some Good News, where he interviews both Steve Carrel, and a young girl who beat cancer in the midst of all of this. This is truly heartwarming, and might make you cry. So be prepared for that. He will be doing his show weekly it seems, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Some New Vibes

Those that aren’t hosting shows, are keeping themselves entertained, by entertaining us. For instance, Sir Patrick Stewart has begun reading us a Shakespeare sonnet every day.

Jake Johnson, who voiced Peter B. Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has decided to send out voice recordings from Parker himself to children who need a little encouragement.

In quite the opposite fashion, Samuel L. Jackson here reads a book called Stay the F*ck Home.

Then there is Adam Sandler, who has written a song specifically for the Quarantine we find ourselves in.

Killing Time

Or, maybe you’re just looking for something to hunker down and do. Daniel Radcliffe has decided to pass the time by getting really into LEGO.

Or, Chris Hemsworth has made his workout app Centr free during the quarantine. Now I can’t use the excuse “I would workout more if only I had the time!”

What about me?

That’s right, what am I doing during quarantine? Well, every day I’m reading a chapter from The Chronicles of Narnia, starting from The Magician’s Nephew and working my way forward. I used to be really into reading, and have stopped since high school. I read the first chapter on March 23rd, and I should finish by July 11th. Luckily, that means that it (should) last longer than the quarantine, and I’ll leave with a new healthy habit.

I’ve also started playing D&D online via Discord, but instead of a structured campaign, doing a series of one shots. Every time we play, we pick a new DM, so if someone wants to try it out, they can. For me, I have a list of 50 adventure hooks, and I have one player pick a number on the list, and I’ll completely improvise an adventure, with nothing more prepared than the hook itself. Then, at the end of the adventure, we pick a new game day. Because none of us have much of anything going on, we don’t wait an entire week to play, but pick something two or three days away.

I’ve also gotten more into Fortnite, as I can play with my little brothers pretty easily. He suggests that I should try switching over to Apex Legends instead, so that might be a new development.

Lastly, I’m trying get myself to put on pants and go for a walk each day. Sometimes I don’t because we still get snow up here in the mountains where I live, but I’m getting outside more than half of the days, which I’m sure is the healthy thing to do right now.

Oh, and Tiger King. Of course I watched Joe Exotic and his…interesting…story. If you haven’t, it’s not good, but it’ll kill some time for you.

What are you doing during the quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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