Post-Endgame MCU

With the end of Endgame, many people are curious as to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far, we really don’t know anything for sure. Spider-Man: Far From Home is technically the last film in Phase 3, and we have heard none of the titles or stories they intend to go forward, except for the Disney+ series names.

There are so many theories running around, that I can’t claim any of these to be my own, but these below are probably my favorites. These are some of the story lines that I hope will be continued, including new characters, and Big Bads.

Timely Consequences

This is what I hope to be the next phase of Marvel films. Kang the Conqueror is a popular Marvel villain who doesn’t compare to the level of Thanos, which is good. After the culmination of all that happened, we could go back to a simpler, Loki-level villain.

Kang is most known for two things, being the decsendant of Reed Richards from Fantastic Four, and time travel. With how much the Avengers messed with their own timelines in Endgame, Kang could come back, to see who is playing in his time stream, and try to correct it.

Before we meet Kang though, the MCU needs to be more casual and intimate, in order to calm down after the end of the Infinity Saga. We can start to see some of the newer Avengers start to really come into their own.

I want to see Spider-Man meet Miles Morales. With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we proved that Miles Morales is a great character that audiences want to see. If Miles survived the Snap, with him being five years older, he might have tried to become the new superhero in the depressing time of the Snappening. Now Peter is freed up to continue doing larger scale adventures, and Miles can do more of the “Friendly Neighborhood” stories.

While this will probably be covered in their new Disney+ series, it would be interesting watching Falcon learn to become Captain America, and deal with levels of pressure he’s not used to.

Lastly, we need to see an A Force movie. We had a moment of amazingness in Endgame when all the female heroes teamed up to bring the Gauntlet to the van, but this needs to be a full movie. A Force ran for two full volumes, so surely there is a story there that can show the girl power we haven’t seen thus far.

All we would need left, is a second Doctor Strange movie, that has a hint towards the arrival of Kang, because Strange had the Time Stone, and is on alert for threats to Earth.

Cosmic Adventures

All of those stories however, are set on Earth. Between Captain Marvel and the AsGuardians of the Galaxy, we have plenty of stories within the Cosmic side of Marvel.

The movie Captain Marvel touched briefly on the Skrull v. Kree war, but most of it in severe misunderstanding and lies for Carol Danvers. While this could be another prequel movie, I want to see how Captain Marvel decides to move the scales of the war. With a cast of Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law, you can’t throw that story away after only one film.

Then for the AsGuardians of the Galaxy, having Thor join the likes of Starlord and Rocket, there are brand new avenues of stories to be told. No longer do they have to take odd jobs for petty cash, as they have Thor Odinson beside them. However, with the destruction of Asgard, as well as his body, will the high and mighty of space still respect Thor, or see him as a washed-up has-been?

And what about Adam Warlock!? He was teased in the end credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Well, in the comics, Adam Warlock is involved with a lot of high level, god-like beings, such as the High Evolutionary, the Living Tribunal, and The One Above All. Seeing as how the movies never really copy the comics exactly, they could replace those storylines with the Celestials and Eternals instead. The Celestials, which has been touched in both Guardians films, with Ego the Living Planet, and Knowhere the giant head moon. The Celestials are the creators of the universe and the Infinity Stones, and could give a nice origin to everything. It is also said that because a Celestial died on Earth, that is what changed Proto-Human DNA, and allowed humans to one day become mutants and superheroes.

I think that this storyline could end with the entrance of the Fantastic Four, as many of their adventures deal with cosmic villains, such as Galactus, who we’ll return to later.

Marvel Just Made Another Major Change To Galactus


Once Earth has settled back down from the craziness of Thanos, it we could wrap up the storyline of one of the last Original Avengers, especially if Thor ends his story with the Cosmic adventures above. Hulk.

Granted, hopefully at this point, Marvel Studios has purchased the film rights back from Universal, so they can make their Hulk films however they want. For whatever reason, Bruce Banner becomes more and more frustrated with the world, maybe how they treat superheroes, or maybe the rise of supervillains in the past 20 years. Because of this, Professor Hulk becomes angry, and tries to rule the world himself. After all, he’s the strongest and smartest person on the planet, who knows better than him? Who could stop him? From this, we could get a little bit of the Maestro character, as well as who Hulk becomes in the Old Man Logan story. For those of you who don’t know, just big and mean and powerful.

Well, there is one person who has been hunting the Hulk longer than anyone else, and knows him better too: General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Knowing that Banner perfected the Hulk “experience,” Ross decides that before he gets too old, the last thing he’ll do is stop Hulk from destroying the world, by becoming Red Hulk.

Slings & Arrows

Perhaps he has to get a team of anti-heroes, the Thunderbolts, and together they save the world from hero-turned-villain Hulk.

P.s. If they include Deadpool, he can make a quip about how he’s the only actor to switch studios, because I’m not done with Ryan Reynolds Deadpool yet.

X-Men vs. Avengers

Now, hopefully at this point, the X-Men films from Fox have been finished for a while, which we need to happen. It takes a long time for people to accept a different version of these characters, especially Wolverine. If Marvel jumps right into it, it will be too early, the bad taste of half of those films will still be in people’s mouths, and it will feel too rushed. Let people be eager for whomever fill Hugh Jackman’s shoes, not anxious.

Now, perhaps from the Celestials storyline above, we see hints as to how the Mutant Gene is dormant in people, and since the extreme energy of the Thanos Snap, people have slowly started appearing with mutant powers.

This could lead to a fan-favorite storyline, X-Men vs. Avengers.

Not only that, but as the Marvel movies continue, we can start to go into more mutant heavy stories, as to give the Avengers team a break from saving the world all the time. With a few years of X-Men movies, there would be only one great storyline left.


Illuminati isn’t a secret organization that has controlled Earth for millenia. In Marvel, the Illuminati is a collection of the smartest heroes, as they make crucial decisions for all heroes.

What force could be strong enough to challenge the Illuminati? Galactus the World Eater.

Galactus cannot be reasoned with, for he is not destroying worlds for the sake of saving them. To him, planets are just meals, and he’s hungry. The power of the Illuminati against Galactus would be the only thing that could challenge the climax that was Infinity War/Endgame.

The End

At that point, I think that Marvel would have to end. There are only so many stories that are worth putting to film, and at this point, we would have seen most of them. That is to say if superhero movies are still the blockbusters they have been.

Marvel has an entire universe to play with here, and there are a near infinite amount of stories to tell, these are just my favorites.

What storyline do you want to see come through in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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