5 Most Powerful Villains in the DC Universe

The DC Universe has a plethora of villains, super powered or not. With the Justice League as the main protagonists,  we’d need some very powerful foes to stop them. All of them are dangerous madmen not to be trifled with. However, there are those that threaten the planet, the galaxy, and the universe itself. Here are the bad guys that left a mark on the universe and a spot in our memories.

Trigon the Terrible

Trigon was born hundreds and hundreds of years ago when a group of humans abandoned Earth and started a civilization on a planet called Azarath. These group of humans exorcised all the evil out of their bodies so they could live in peace and banished it into space. The evil matter flew through space, coalescing until the last inhabitants of an alien world summoned the evil and it impregnated a women from the order. Nine months later, Trigon was born. Pretty immediately, Trigon killed everybody in the order that summoned him. By the age of six he had taken over the planet, then destroyed it, then moved on to conquer other worlds. By the time he was an adult he had taken over the dimension and millions of worlds within. As he traveled to other worlds, and other dimensions he would impregnate others so he could raise children in evil. Eventually he was brought to Earth where he had a child named Raven (member of the Teen Titans and Justice League of America). Trigon is a consistent thorn in the JLA’s side, and Raven’s side, as she hates her father. His powers include transformation, size alteration, and illusion casting. As well as vast magical power to generate and fire a beam of pure magical energy called The Eldritch Blast. He is an entity of pure evil, he is hated by many, and feared by all.



Vril Dox was born on the planet of Colu. A brilliant scientist with an acute aptitude for research he would capture species and study them aboard his ship. He created multiple drones and clones of himself that he uses to shrink whole civilization for his study. At one point he encountered Krypton during the reign of General Zod and captured the entire city of Kandor (where Supergirl is from). He inserted his mind into a robot body and infiltrated Earth at an early period as well in order to study the superhumans found on earth. He doesn’t necessarily care for ordinary organisms, but loves to capture and experiment on the special organisms found in the galaxy. He has the ability to mentally manipulate the minds of others and control them to do his will. He can also manipulate technology as he has a cybernetic physiology which also gives him superhuman durability and strength. Due to this he can regenerate himself if a line of his code still exists, and he lives forever. He is an ever looming threat in the universe and many villains will not trifle with him. And it takes the Justice League to send him away when he comes knocking.



Not much is known about Imperiex’ origins. He is the very embodiment of entropy. A destroyer of worlds. His campaign is to destroy all worlds to make way for a new universe. His main target is Earth, the planet that holds everything together. If he could destroy Earth, it would start a new big bang, plunging the universe into chaos, death and ruin; and create a new universe, because he detected imperfection in the universe. He has superhuman strength, superhuman durability, energy projection capable of vaporization, and his physiology is literally the entropy held together by armor. He is a very dangerous foe; so dangerous in fact that Doomsday was released at one point to stop him, but was vaporized upon the start of the fight. The thing is that the energy that makes up his being cannot be destroyed. The armor holding him together is damageable but the entropy that is Imperiex will only reconvene later. It would take Superman to dive into the Sun to gain enough energy to even contend with Imperiex, and even so, at the end of the war that ensued, 8 million people were killed including many members of the Justice League. A high toll for the death of an intergalactic madman.



Neron is a fallen angel of Hell (let me clarify, not a fallen angel of Heaven, but of Hell). Not much else is know regarding his origins. Neron is comparable to Marvel’s Mephisto, with the exception that he is actually just a demon from the actual and literal hell. In the DC universe there is pure evil in the universe, and then there is Neron. A seductive, and tempting evil. One that gives you your hearts desire, only to take your soul in the end. With the Candle of Neron, a mortal is granted their utmost desire (Lex Luthor‘s being vitality, and the Joker’s being a box of cuban cigars), the catch is; you doom yourself to Neron’s control in the end. Neron has taken many in the past, big names in the DC universe. There are a myriad of other DC villains who have gained their power from this guy. To mortals he appears as a demonic man, but in truth he is a shapeless green mass of flesh and tentacles which is pretty creepy. He is an immortal force with energy projection, super strength, magic and power distribution.


Darkseid, Dark Lord of Apokolips

Uxas was born into the royal family on the planet of Apokolips. Growing up Uxas longed for the throne of Apokolips, but his brother Drax was already next in line. Uxas despised him for his pacifism and contrived a way to dethrone him. As Drax undertook a connection with the Omega Realm to assume his ultimate form and take a godname, Uxas interrupted the process killing Drax and giving Uxas the power. Uxas assumed the name of Darkseid, the most feared god in all of Apokolips’ lorebooks. He had become a New God, a being acting outside of time and space. His mother was proud of his assumption of power and his ruthlessness, but it took a series of events (like his mother poisoning his son), leading to Darkseid ordering the execution of his mother to take his ascension to the throne. Upon meeting the green skinned martians and discovering their equation of life, he dedicated his life to finding the Anti-Life equation so he could rule the world. While looking he has taken over many worlds and is a constant threat to the Justice League. He see’s nearly anything as powerful as him to be a threat so he has, on numerous occasions, invaded Themyscira. He has kidnapped and brainwashed Supergirl to do his bidding at times, and possesses the ability to use Omega Beams (concentrated energy that can erase a persons existence). His abilities include: Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, immortality, invulnerability, telepathy, telekinesis, matter manipulation, molecular dispersion, erosion blasts, teleportation, size alteration, Avatar creation, chronokenesis, genius level intellect, and mastery of the martial arts. He is the ultimate evil in the universe.


Who is your favorite DC baddie? Let us know in the comments below.

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