Happy 1 Year Birthday to The Nerdd!

The Nerdd turns 1 year old today!

1 Year ago I posted a review for Luke Cage on Netflix.

Since then, we have had around 10 different people write articles for us, and gotten followers on all sorts of social media!

We have had a total of 1,653 visitors to the site, which isn’t a lot compared to some of the big websites out there, but we sure are proud of it!

We have also written 102 articles, and hope to get many more this upcoming year!

We have some cool plans of what to do in our second year, and hope that you stick around to see all the cool stuff that is sure to happen!

Follow us on Facebook (20 likes), Twitter (29 Followers), and Instagram (73 Followers), as well as the subscribe button on the top right of this page!

Image result for gif celebration

Celebrate with us in the comments below!

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