Carry On My Wayward… Sister?

On June 20th, 2017 Supernatural fans across the globe were given a phenomenal surprise announcement; A Supernatural spin-off is FINALLY happening!

The new series, titled “Wayward Sisters”, is the result of heavy grassroot fan efforts that began two years ago, which garnered the attentions of the writers, producers and cast of Supernatural. The series, which stars fan favorite Kim Rhodes, will focus on a group of troubled young women orphaned by supernatural tragedy. With the training of skilled hunter Jody Mills, these women will come together as foster sisters and supreme monster hunters. At this time, casting outside of Kim Rhodes has not been announced. Many fans are hopeful to see the return of characters like Clair Novak, Alex Jones and Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes on the set of Supernatural 

Wayward Sisters is not the first attempt at a Supernatural spinoff. In season 9 of the popular show, fans were introduced to a backdoor pilot for Supernatural: Bloodlines. Bloodlines was intended to be centered in Chicago, and focus on the clash between hunters and monster factions. Though the backdoor pilot was received with positive reviews from audiences, the CW ultimately elected not to pick up the series, and the hopes for a Supernatural spinoff was put on hold.

A Still From the Backdoor Pilot Episode “Bloodlines” (Season 9)

In the midst of the news of Wayward Sisters, rumors have also emerged about the fate of the original Supernatural series, with season 14 of Supernatural to be the final season. The CW has said they will continue the show until Ackles and Padelecki are done.

(Edit: Season 15 was the final season. Wayward Sisters was never approved.)


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