My Week @ CES: Day 4

By Brown Messiah – Read Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 4: Day 3 of the Con –  Diego Breaks

Day 3 was pretty rough. I went to bed the night before pretty sore. True to the old adage, my dogs were barkin’, and barkin’ mighty fierce, and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I could hear them loud and clear. From the minute I woke up I knew I’d be barely be able to walk. My knee was the biggest issue. It didn’t look swollen but I could feel the threads holding my knee together pining for more sleep and rest. After icing the stupid thing for a few hours, I called  another Lyft and headed to the LVCC and where the boys were in the South Hall. South Hall had a lot of OEM manufacturers; companies with components looking to sell to big other companies so that they can be branded and sold. We found a bunch of cool tech but again, items that don’t have a name brand.


South Hall also had a bunch of companies showing off drones, VR, and AR. The coolest drones were the Star Wars Battle Drones. These drones shoot low intensity lasers which you try to aim and shoot another drone down. If you have two of them, you can fly your drone against a friend and battle to the death! Drone racing has already become a thing, in fact it is ESPN has featured a pro league for Drones. Anyway, I could definitely see drone dogfighting becoming some sort of thing in the near future; especially if they look like X-Wings and TIE Fighters cuz that shit is dope! We went upstairs to check out even more. There was an audio mastering company called Aftermaster Audio showing of a cool device they had developed. The Aftermaster essentially brings the audio of dialogue up to the same level as the soundtrack of whatever movie or TV show you are watching so you don’t have to keep adjusting the volume to hear what the actors are saying. I also got to hear what a $2000 pair of headphones sounds like: amazing. They are hand crafted and require an independent power supply just to use them. Incredible, but not worth $2000 I would say. I decided to leave early to rest up but before I left, I had to check out the Nvida Booth. If you don’t know who Nvida is, they are a very successful tech company that makes GPUs (graphics cards), PC accessories like mice and keyboards along with laptops. In fact this year they showed off Project Valerie laptop with three 4K displays. It look amazing and ridiculous; I’ll take two!


That evening we were supposed to got to another party but when we came out to my car we discovered that someone had run into it with some damage done to the front bumper. After calling my insurance and letting them know what had happened we decided to ditch the party to go get dinner at Sura BBQ, a Korean all you can eat BBQ joint KT and Deedo were rather insistent we go to, and man am I glad we did. The food was delicious. All you can eat and if you don’t finish the plate they charge ya $5 bucks per plate so make sure get only what you can eat! After dinner we went to a dessert place called Snowflake where they served the strangest most delicious ice cream dish. The best way to describe it is its  name. The dessert is like ice cream yet it is shaved like shaved ice and when compressed the texture is not icy but creamy and rich. The beginning product is just a huge block of what looks like a frozen solid ice cream block and with the use of a special machine, slices are shaved off into a 16 ounce bowl and topped with fruit and a sweet syrup. It was delicious. Creamy, smooth, rich, and fruity. I know when I go back to Vegas, I am going back to Snowflake.


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