Side Stories Reinforce the World

From the very first wands and lightsabers, we have loved the Harry Potter and Star Wars Universes. They have always captured our attention and our imaginations. Every conversation gets extremely passionate, either out of love for aspects, or hate for others (Jar Jar). But why have we always loved these stories the way we do?

Showing our heroes face of against a Dark Lord using their weapon of choice, and harnessing a power they can’t explain. We saw Harry/Luke grow up, learn about Voldemort/Darth Vader and the Death Eaters/Stormtroopers, and how he is tied to ol’ Voldy/Darth, and he, a child, has to be the one to take down this ultimate symbol of fear and death, that even his great mentor Dumbledore/Ben Kenobi fears, to some extent.

“Yer a Jedi, Frodo” – Magneto

But that’s the thing, you knew when you walked into a Harry Potter movie, you would see Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, learn more about what they have to do as they grow up to fight the Dark Arts. When you walked into a Star Wars movie, you knew you would see a Jedi teaching another Jedi, how to fight the Dark side of the Force. But not anymore.

Within a month of each other, we got a Harry Potter movie, without Harry Potter. We got a Star Wars movie without a Jedi. Fantastic Beasts shows that there were great wizards before Harry, that were even Hufflepuff  (#HufflePride)! Rogue One shows there are great members of the Rebel Alliance that don’t have lightsabers and can manipulate the Force.

These movies prove what fans have known all along: That the worlds are great. These stories aren’t just great characters doing great things, but characters set against a beautifully crafted universes, and it’s the universe more than the characters that we fall in love with. Yes Harry is awesome, but we want to see American wizards, Asian wizards, or Sub-Saharan African Wizards. We want to see how magic grows and gets stronger as the wizards study it more. We want to see the rebels rebelling, outside of Luke and Han.

In Fantastic Beasts, we heard Dumbledore’s name drop, and he will probably have a part in one of the next four Fantastic Beasts films (Edit: Sexy Young Dumbledore is great). In Rogue One, we saw Darth Vader for a couple moments, but the story wasn’t about him. The big, bad evil guys were just a couple Imperial officers.

I’m excited to see the other Fantastic Beasts movies, because I want to see other schools, and other wizarding cultures. I want to see the Harry Potter universe before Harry Potter, because it was never Harry that I loved. It was the tapestry that JK Rowling wove. I’m excited to see the other Star Wars anthologies, because George Lucas gave us an entire galaxy to explore.

Sorry guys, you don’t count anymore.

Also, side note, I like the idea that the Star Wars anthologies are just going to be finding every plot hole they can and fill it. Why was there an exhaust port that could blow up the whole Death Star? How was Anakin born without a father? Could Qui-Gon Jinn have turned Sith? Who was Darth Maul? Why are so many of these from Phantom Menace?

Could Fantastic Beasts show us Illvermorny, Beauxbaton, or other schools? The creation of the Knight Bus? Or how Newt discovers a hippogriff, just like Buckbeak? Does he discover how to become an Animagus? I want not just prequels, but glimpses into the world around our main character, not just their own personal agendas and problems.

How did you feel about Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One? Let us know in the comments below!

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