‘Gotham City Sirens’ Full Report

It was recently announced on Hollywood Reporter that Margot Robbie and her character Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad will be getting her own movie called Gotham City Sirens, based off the comics of the same name. This news is two days old, so I got a chance to get all the info needed, to give you the full report.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad came out August this year, and while it was not loved critically, it was loved financially with a US Box office of $325 Million almost doubling its budget. That’s good. But most of the complaints came from director, David Ayer, and what seemed to be lack of control over his movie.

“Its not about the money. Its about sending a message.” -Sorry, wrong Joker

Gotham City Sirens

When rumor first broke out about Harley Quinn getting her own spin-off movie, it was thought to be about the Birds of Prey comic run, which focuses more on the Super Heroines as opposed to Super Villain-esses? So its not much of a surprise they changed over to Gotham City Sirens, which is, at its core, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

This of course has some good news/bad news. Good news is the screenwriter will be Geneve Robertson-Dwore, who is also doing the upcoming Tomb Raider as well as Robert Downey Jr’s third Sherlock Holmes. So hopefully we will see some wonderful aspects from those films. Yay! Bad news is we are still going to have to have David Ayer directing this movie. But there are some upsides to that, the biggest being that Harley was one of the best characters in that movie (besides Deadshot), and now that David and Margot have had some experience with this character together, they get another shot at making an entire movie with the love and care they gave to Harley.

One major question about this movie already, is “Are we going to be seeing a bisexual Harley Quinn?” In the comics, especially recently, we have seen Harley dump “Mistah J” because he is an awful companion, and has started a very intimate relationship with Poison Ivy. Catwoman, as we know, belongs with Batman. With the very feminist vibe this movie is already putting out, I like the idea of Harley realizing she is more than just Joker’s plaything.

I am a strong independent woman who don’t need no mistah!

What Else from Worlds of DC?

The studio is also working on Suicide Squad 2, which has no info yet, as well as rumors for a Deadshot spin-off with Will Smith. But at the moment, nothing else has been confirmed for the villains.

Don’t forget that June 2 we are getting our Wonder Woman movie, and November 17 will be the Justice League movie.

My Casting for Gotham City Sirens

Jessica Chastain for Poison Ivy


We have seen Jessica Chastain be a strong female character in both Interstellar and The Martian, now lets see her show off her sexier side while still being a strong, feminist icon!

Mila Kunis for Catwoman


We know Mila Kunis can be sexy. We know she can be smart. We know she can be a bit of a brat. I know she would be amazing as Catwoman. Give her a chance to be a bit more physical with her movements than we’ve usually seen from just a talking head.

Are you excited for Gotham City Sirens? Let us know in the comments below!

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