What If…?: Best-to-Worst

The newest MCU show just finished on Disney+ last week, and with any anthology, some were clearly better than others. This also raises some questions about the new canon they are writing in a post-Thanos world, but we’ll get to that. First, the ranking!

Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands

This is my favorite episode, and that seems to be a fairly common opinion. This episode seems to really understand who Doctor Strange is, and what his motivations honestly are. The movie Doctor Strange follows the character as he becomes a hero, but he didn’t go down that road for noble reasons. He was angry, and willing to do whatever it took to return to his life of grandeur and prominence. He didn’t become the Sorcerer Supreme because he had such a righteous desire to protect others, that came later. So where we saw that he was willing to do whatever it took to save his hands, here we see he’s willing to do whatever it takes to save his love. Also, those monsters were super cool.

What If...? Episode 4 Review: Doctor Strange Loses His Heart - Den of Geek

T’Challa Became Star Lord

The FeelGood Movie of the Year. Last year we lost our King, Chadwick Boseman, an amazing actor who was just getting started, and when we lost him it was sudden and unexpected to us, because he was protecting us from his troubles. An honorable man. This episode shows that his character is the same, not just because he was raised as the Prince of a wealthy and prosperous nation, but because that’s just the kind of person he is. He can sway the mind of Thanos, and bring a nobility to space pirates that kidnap children. Rest In Power, King.

Tomorrow's Episode of Marvel's "What If...?" Will Introduce T'Challa Star- Lord

Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark

I really liked this episode, because it really shows that in any other universe, Erik Stevens would be a hero. He is a driven, hard working, brilliant individual that has been put on a path to darkness from a history of lies and murder. He is incredibly engaging to watch, and a very focused person. Like most MCU villains, he seems very one-dimensional, but in this 30 minute episode, we see there is more to him that we never were able to see. Had he gotten his own movie, I’m sure he would be an incredibly developed character.

Marvel's What If…? Episode 6: Killmonger fools most of the MCU

Captain Carter Were the First Avenger

The shows opening episode. As readers know I am a huge Captain America fan, an so I loved this episode. The only reason it’s so far down this list is because it felt very…vanilla? It was exactly what I expected it to be, no major surprises, a very easy watch.

New What If…? posters reveal inspiration behind LEGO set


Zombies are super cool. Unfortunately, I’m a self-proclaimed Zombie Purist. The idea of zombies using their superpowers is just silly to me. It was cool seeing some heroes in a post-apocalypse setting, on the defensive instead of pushing forward, but anytime Zomb-Ant-Man or Zomb-let Witch used their Zom-powers it just took me completely out of the episode. I think I would have preferred the obvious trope of all the heroes have to look for a cure amongst the wreckage of the world, and they kick Zom-butt while they do it.

What If...? Episode 5: Marvel Zombies fill the MCU with death and  hopelessness

Ultron Won/The Watcher Broke His Oath

This show is an anthology, except when it isn’t. These two episodes were cool, but they raised so many questions that I have to have a separate section down below where I try to figure out what the heck is going on. Not only that, but when the Watcher collects the What If…? versions of the heroes, that implies that these are the best versions these heroes could be, and that is practically sacrilege. Also, I know that this show intentionally ignores Captain America/Iron Man/Hulk because they get so much love in the main movies, but to imply that the Watcher wouldn’t ask for a version of Tony Stark to stop Ultron from destroying the Multiverse is down right laughable.

What If? Writer Admits Avengers: Age of Ultron Mistake Helped Create Season  Finale Storyline

Thor Were an Only Child

Please stop insulting Thor. Thor is a hero of legendary proportions. Yes, he’s a spoiled prince, but it wasn’t Loki alone that kept him focused on fighting. He is a leader of a proud and righteous people, not just frat boy drunks.

While we’re out it, please stop insulting Jane Foster. She is a strong-willed scientist, who, yes, falls for Thor, but not because of his big ol’ muscles and long blonde hair. This man is destroying the world for funsies, and he charms her into not only ignoring that, but lying to S.H.I.E.L.D. in the process? This could have been the opportunity to prime audiences for the greatness that will be Lady Thor Jane in Thor: Love and Thunder, but instead they make her a girl who can’t focus because of a hot guy.

What If... ? episode 7 recap: Party Thor makes an epic Marvel mess - CNET

The World Lost It’s Mightiest Heroes

This was kind of boring, wasn’t it? I mean, it’s crazy that someone is slowly killing the Avengers before they can even become the Avengers, but it’s such an uninteresting story that it doesn’t even get included in the finale. No version of this makes anyone seem stronger or more interesting. The only thing it does is show Hank Pym even more unhinged than he already is.

What If...? season 1, episode 3 recap - "What If... The World Lost Its  Mightiest Heroes?"

Canon Questions

Those final two episodes have me messed up, and it’s all because of Loki.

In Loki, it’s established that when the Infinity Stones are taken out of their timeline they are completely useless, except as paperweights.

Then, at the end of Loki, more than one timeline is allowed to exist, causing the creation of the multiverse, of which this show are a few examples.

However, when the multiverse is created, it is immediately established that it is Kang the Conqueror that goes from timeline to timeline ruling everything.

So then why is V-Ultron, with his Infinity Stones, able to go in between the timelines, and destroy them all? What makes his Infinity Stones more powerful than the ones in Loki? Where is Kang the Conqueror while V-Ultron is destroying everything? Is this canon within the new existence of the Multiverse, or is it just a fun bit of nothing? Head writer AC Bradley says it’s canon, so what the heck?

The events of What If…? are canon. It’s part of the MCU multiverse. The multiverse is here. It is real, and it is absolutely fantastic, people.

AC Bradley to IGN

I have strong opinions on my Marvel, but that’s what you should expect from a site called The Nerdd.

What was your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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