It: Casting Two

It: Chapter Two comes out today, and not only are you trying to remember who each character is, but you probably are trying to remember where you’ve seen their face before. That’s where I come in, on the second part! From Interstellar, X-Men, Saturday Night Live, Stranger Things, Shazam!, or Old Spice ads, there are some recognizable faces here!

Beverly Marsh > Jessica Chastain > Murph (Interstellar) / Vuk (Dark Phoenix) / Melissa Lewis (The Martian)

Bill Denbrough > James McAvoy > Professor X (X-Men: First Class) / Dennis (Split) / Mr. Tumnus (Chronicles of Narnia)

Richie Tozier > Bill Hader > Saturday Night Live / Barry (Barry)

Mike Hanlon > Isaiah Mustafa > Old Spice Man

Ben Hanscom > Jay Ryan > Vincent Keller (Beauty and the Beast) / Curran (Terra Nova)

Pennywise > Bill Skarsgard > Zeitgeist (Deadpool 2) / Merkel (Atomic Blonde)

Stanley Uris > Wyatt Oleff > Young Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy) / Young Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time)

Eddie Kaspbrak > Jack Dylan Grazer > Freddy Freeman (Shazam!)

Richie Tozier > Finn Wolfhard > Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Henry Bowers > Teach Grant > Ridley (The 100)

Young Henry Bowers > Nicholas Hamilton > Lucas Hanson (The Dark Tower)

Hobo > Javier Botet > Set (The Mummy)

Which character is your favorite from It: Chapter 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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