10 Beautiful Galactic Hotspots

One of the most fascinating and interesting aspects of the science fiction genre are the vast worlds looming out in the galaxy for the characters in these stories to visit. Amid many planets vacant of life there are plenty of great places to visit and many adventures to be had on them. Imagine every fictional universe happened to exist in one giant cosmic plane of existence. Where would you visit? What would there be to do? Here is a guide to 10 amazing interstellar worlds that might catch your eye if you were to brave a long sojourn through space to visit.


250 million light years away from Earth lies the amber planet of Gallifrey. Nestled comfortably in a binary star solar system, Gallifrey is the home of The Doctor from Doctor Whoand all the rest of the Time Lords. Take a walk down the streets of The Capitol and twirl a sonic screwdriver while you marvel at the technological advances of the Gallifreyan community. Or take a hike in the colorful mountains capped with glistening white snow. Settle in during the evening and gaze out through the glass dome over the miles of red grasslands and watch the setting of the twin suns. Time seems to have a stand still here on Gallifrey and will you have you thinking back to your experience here for eons to come.


A living technological marvel, Cybertron sits in space with it’s shining towers, mechanical landscape, and brightly lit valleys just waiting to be visited. Home of the Cybertronians (a.k.a. Transformers) Cybertron’s streets are filled with varying sentient machines creating and perfecting machinery and technology. It’s largest city, Iacon, is the home of the illustrious Optimus Prime and rests inside a protective dome where it’s denizens can drive, fly, and walks across the cityscape. Breathtaking views dot the planet and though it seems foreboding from outer space, there is more than meets the eye to this elegant planet.


Home to the Green Lantern Corps is Oa. One of the oldest planets in the galaxy, it is here that the Guardians of the Universe house their Emerald Knights from all over and train them to become the peacekeepers that the galaxy needs. The shining city sprawls beneath the capital building which is immortalized as a giant green lantern. Here the power of will dominates every other emotion and empowers the visitor. The green lights dance in the sky as one walks the streets admiring the golden buildings and the Green Lanterns racing around in the sky. Truly a remarkable landmark in brightest day and in darkest night.


Just a mere 16 light years from our own planet, and a proud member of the United Federation of Planets, is the red Minshari-Class planet of Vulcan. Though the gravity is a bit stronger, and the air a bit thinner, Vulcan is a must see planet on anybody’s intergalactic road-trip because of it’s rich culture and the stunning nature of the native Vulcans. There is a saying on Vulcan that says there is “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” So too are the options here on this planet. The peaceful Vulcans walk their tranquil streets of ShiKahr (their capital city) and contemplate logical quandaries. The problems of the universe are to be thought out thoroughly in the halls of the universities here. Though emotion is to be kept strictly in check, one can feel the bond of familial and patriotic affection that permeates the culture. The arid landscapes provide space to think and nothing beats a calm meditation atop a hill overlooking the landscape. Live long and prosper.


Located just in the mid-rim is the beautiful planet of Naboo. Lush and green, Naboo is the home of human and Gungan colonists who have cultivated the land into a rich society begging to be visited. The human capital Theed showcases some of the galaxies most elegant architecture with decadent greens and golds to compliment the landscape. The cuisine is tasteful and to take a walk under the triplet moons is a delight. Be sure to take a trip through the non-molten core of the planet to the underwater cities of the Gungan people and have a swim with the colorful aquatic fishes. Just look out for that bigger fish, Sando Aqua. Finally take part in the cultural celebrations of the planet with sky-filling fireworks, energizing music and dance, all while you relax and forget home in a galaxy far, far away.


Ancient humans believed Asgard and it’s people to be the mighty gods living in their heavenly abode. Home to the mighty Thor, Asgard floats in space as a glistening and shining city that simply shouts “come and seek shelter here.” A warm and hospitable people populate the world of Asgard where the hearth never dims, there is nary a plate empty, and the Nordic ale never runs out. Take a gaze out into the universe from across the multicolored Bifrost, or have a gander at the rich history to gain a new perspective on the universe you thought you knew so well. Breath in the fresh Scandinavian air that still seems to feel like the perfect temperature and try to take in all that there is to see. However long you choose to stay, you can always count on the hospitality of the folk here in Asgard since after all: Asgard is a people, not a place.


To many, a trip to a frozen ice-ball of a moon would seem more as though they had been marooned. However on Andoria, though the surface is -30 degrees and full of snow, below ground dwell the native Andorians. Thousands of tunnels connect the cities that sprawl beneath the ice of the barren surface and the cities that are built within will take your breath away. On occasion the surface may rise above freezing temperature for just a few weeks where one could enjoy a multitude of winter activities and then retreat into the cozy vestibule beneath for some great food, drink, and to have a look at the city lights reflecting off of the ice above.


Though political wranglings seem to stop this planet from a complete colonization, Virmire has some of the most beautiful lush greenery anybody could ever ask for. Its location in the far reaches of the Attican traverse make it ideal for anybody just looking to get away. Jungles and tropical beaches dot the planetscape making this planet a literal paradise. Grab a favorite drink, play some volleyball, take a swim, or simply pull your hat brim over your eyes and take a nap in a hammock. Forget about the worries of life as you sit on the beaches of Virmire.


Few planets can boast an Enclave for the Jedi, but Dantooine is one of the proud ones. Filled with rolling hills, and vivid grasslands; flowing rivers and quiet townships – Dantooine is a simple and peaceful planet to visit. Caves filled with kyber crystals crop out from the short bluffs making an excellent activity for geologists, crystal enthusiasts and padawans alike. Marvel at the lush hills and feel the wind through your hair as you take a speeder from the village to the Jedi Enclave and the sacred ruins of an older civilization and wonder at the mysteries of the galaxy. Take a loved one and have a picnic near a creek and get lost in the lovely nature that exists on Dantooine. I’ve got a great feeling about this.


Find out what makes Superman so super with a trip out to the planet of Krypton. Though considerably harsh for anyone dwelling on Earth; this planet has forged a sturdy and fiercely tenacious people. Though the surface is somewhat inhospitable, one cannot help but get lost in the crystalline cliffs and the glimmering landscape under a red sun. Visit locations like the city of Kandor and monuments to Krypton’s elect from the House of El to the House of Vex. Take a trip out to the Firefalls where molten magma pours from a cliff much like a waterfall does on Earth. Hike through the Jewel Mountains and collect a trinket for yourself or a loved one and finish out the trip with a visit to the Scarlet Jungle or the Boiling Sea. Though the planet it harsh, there is an undeniable beauty to Krypton.

Which of these planets would you like to visit? What other worlds would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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