Alien: Covenant Casting

From X-Men to DC, Harry Potter to Stranger Things, there are tons of familiar faces in the new Alien movie. It’s always tough to know where you’ve seen someone from, so we are here to help.

David/Walter > Michael Fassbender > Young Magneto (X-Men)

michael fassbender

Daniels > Katherine Waterston > Tina (Fantastic Beasts) / Chrisann Brennan (Steve Jobs)

katherine waterston

Oram > Billy Crudup > Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)

billy crudup

Tennessee > Danny McBride > Cody (Tropic Thunder)

danny mcbride

Lope > Demian Bichir > Bob (The Hateful Eight)

demien bichir

Karine > Carmen Ejogo > Seraphina Picquery (Fantastic Beasts) / Eva Sanchez (The Purge: Anarchy)

carmen ejogo

Upworth > Callie Hernandez > Tracy  (La La Land)

callie hernandez

Faris > Amy Seimetz > Eleven’s Alleged Crazy Mom (Stranger Things)

amy seimetz

Cole > Uli Latukefu > Byamba (Marco Polo)

uli latukefu


James Franco

Who’s your favorite character from Alien: Covenant? Let us know in the comments below!

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