‘Logan’ – Review

By Chaz McDonald


Logan is the latest installment in the X-Men franchise, and Hugh Jackman is back in full glory as the titlular character with Patrick Stewart delivering possibly his best performance in the series as Charles Xavier. The film is rated R for extreme violence, language and nudity. The film earns this rating all the way through and is not a child friendly film. Parents who have let their children watch the other X-Men movies should strongly be cautioned.



Set in the year 2029, an aged Wolverine is caring for an ill Charles Xavier. When a woman with a young girl tracks him down, Logan is reluctantly thrust into a dangerous cross-country adventure when a group of men come to retrieve the girl. Logan soon learns that the girl, Laura, is part of an experiment to re-create mutant soldiers and that his DNA is what caused her to have her powers. She is part of the Weapon X program and is known as X-23 and she has all of Wolverine’s abilities. Logan becomes her protector and Wolverine, Charles Xavier and Laura travel across the country in search of a mutant safe haven known as Eden. It is a brutal and bloody journey that comes with an extremely high price.



Logan is an emotional thrill ride that every fan of the X-Men franchise needs to see. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deliver amazing performances as their respective characters. The depth of these characters is truly shown and explored within the R-rating. Wolverine is finally given the free reign that he deserves and what audiences have wanted to see. If you think you know Wolverine and Professor X’s relationship then think again. This film explores the bond of friendship and loyalty between the two characters. Jackman and Stewart work together to display the most authentic relationship in all of the X-Universe.


New to the franchise is a character named Laura, a.k.a. X-23, played by Dafne Keen. Keen gives an incredible performance in the film that at times rivals that of both Jackman and Stewart. Portraying a mostly silent character throughout the film, Keen brings to life the powerful and emotionally fueled mutant in a way that you will surely remember and want to see again in future installments of the X-Men series.


This film is made for the fans. With it being the last time that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will portray their characters, it is the perfect sendoff for the characters that we have come to love for almost two decades. Logan is a story that will hit every emotion you have and will leave you wanting more. It is quite possibly the best film in the franchise and will be hailed as one of the greatest comic books films ever made. It is a must-see on the big screen and a movie that every fan will want in their collection. It is the closest to perfection that the X-Universe has gotten.

What did you think of Logan? Let us know in the comments below!


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