19 Beginner Couple Cosplay Ideas

Valentines Day is here, and soon the convention season will be returning, as it takes a break during the holidays. So if you are in a new relationship, and you are looking at a couple cosplay for your local con to get started on, here are some great ideas. Many of these ideas are simpler, from more mainstream fandoms, and great if your significant other isn’t YET into cosplay as much as you are. Also, we are avoiding related groups because we don’t ship incest here on The Nerdd (just in case someone catches you kissing).

Mario and Peach

A classic, even if your partner is new to fandom in general, this is little more than just a couples Halloween costume.

Image result for mario and peach cosplay

PacMan and Ghost

Will one of you be running around from event to event at your con, and the other will be following, not really sure what’s going on? Then the PacMan/Ghost cosplay is for you! Make the excited partner PacMan, and the supportive one the Ghost!

Image result for pacman and ghost cosplay

Link and Zelda

This requires a bit more work, as there are multiple parts to making either of these outfits, but they are simple, crowd-pleasing, and usually comfortable.

Image result for link and zelda cosplay

Lara Croft and Nathan Drake

This one is great if you don’t want to spend a whole bunch on cosplay pieces, because most people have at least one outfit for when they are hiking/camping. Also, because it’s a crossover from both Tomb Raider and Uncharted, no one will expect you to kiss for a photo op if you aren’t into public displays of affection (PDA).

Image result for lara croft nathan drake cosplay

Journey (Video Game)

Do you want to hide under a blanket from the world? Perhaps you have social anxiety, or just don’t feel like talking to people. These outfits are simple, and will elicit a passionate response from a very few amount of people.

Image result for journey video game cosplay

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Spongebob! These are fun, cheap outfits that will let you act like a goofball all day, and people will love it!

Image result for mermaid man barnacle boy cosplay

Cosmo and Wanda

Want a bit more of a pull from ’90s and early ’00s Nickelodeon? Cosmo and Wanda is for you. Just about 30 minutes of arts and crafts will get these costumes and up rolling. Oh, and some hair spray.

Image result for cosmo wanda cosplay

Beauty and the Beast

Maybe your significant other is a Dis-Nerd, and they want to dress as royalty. These are very popular, but be ready for little kids all over the place to want to take pictures with you.

Image result for beauty and the beast cosplay

Judy and Nick (Zootopia)

This can be seen as part of the furry community, but these are fun, thrift shop bought cosplays that are easily recognizable.

Image result for judy and nick cosplay

Brock and Nurse Joy / Officer Jenny

Are you clearly in a relationship and don’t mind PDA? This is a ton of fun that can also lead to some very funny photography poses.

Image result for brock and nurse joy cosplay

Superman and Wonder Woman

Classic superheroes. Red, blue, and gold cover your outfits, just have a smile on all day, and you’re set.

Image result for superman wonder woman cosplay

Batman and Catwoman

The same as above, but if you prefer all black with a grimace.

Image result for batman catwoman cosplay

Black Panther and Storm

Are you and your partner African-American? This King/Queen Marvel combo is perfect. (To be clear, if you are African-American, you can do any cosplay, if you’re not African-American, please stick to one of the other cosplays.)

Image result for black panther storm cosplay

Deadpool and Lady Deadpool

Full body coverage, and you can run around the convention and be silly all day! Perfect for a very active couple!

Image result for deadpool lady deadpool cosplay

Han and Leia

Everyone knows Star Wars! Just like Mario and Peach, these pieces can be bought like a Halloween costume.

Related image

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targeryan

Want to feel cool? Game of Thrones obviously expands beyond the convention culture at this point, but the effort these take can be a bit more than beginners level. Also, Jon might overheat if he isn’t careful.

Image result for jon snow daenerys cosplay

The Doctor and Companion

One of you wants to dress up, and the other one just wants to wear street clothes? This is the answer for you!

Image result for doctor who companion cosplay

Kaylee and Simon (Firefly)

This is much less likely for the non-nerd partner to be familiar with, but everyone on the con floor will recognize you, and might cheer.

My wife and I a few years ago

Kirito and Asuna

More into anime and Sword Art Online? You haven’t been forgotten. Most anime cosplays require a lot of work, but this might be a good place to start.

Image result for kirito asuna cosplay

What couples cosplay do you want to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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