New Announcement from The Nerdd Team!

Today, we are releasing our comic book reading lists! These are lists of what we see as the Top 30 most essential books, from Marvel, DC, and Other. That’s a total of 90 comics that we are endorsing!

Marvel | DC | Other

If you would like to get any of these uber-important comics that we suggest, simply click on the title of the comic! This will take you straight to the Amazon page for the book!

What’s the catch?

For you? There is no catch! For us? We get some financial support!

That’s right, at no additional cost to you, The Nerdd gets a small portion (4%) of the cost of that book sent to us, from Amazon.

These comics are in no particular order, so just scroll down and find something that jumps out to you!

I Like This!

Hooray! So do we! This list isn’t static either, meaning that over time, if some people are suggesting other uber-important comics that didn’t make the list, it might do so later!

Or! If this is popular, we might grow our lists to novels, or non-fiction books, or anything that we think our audience (meaning YOU) might enjoy!

Don’t feel the need to rush in and feel pressured to buy a book either. It will be there for a long time, and so next time you have some extra cash weighing you down, and you want to make your comic collection a bit more impressive, check us out!

So go ahead and check out our new Reading Lists, and tell us what you think!

If you don’t like this, or aren’t interested in buying any comics, no matter how uber-important they are, not to worry! Literally nothing else about the site will change, this is just an additional feature. Just like our Convention List or Podcasts. If anything does change in the future because of this, it will be because we are starting to make some money for all of our hard work!

Want to support us, but don’t want to buy a book right now? That’s amazing, and you’re an amazing person. Just go check out our Patreon, and support us! Every dollar means the world to us, because at this point (218 articles) we still haven’t made $0.01 on our work. Which is fine, because we love doing this! We just want to do it better, for you!

We hope you enjoy our lists!

What are your favorite comics? Let us know in the comments below!