The Nerdd has written well over 200 articles at this point! We recently hit our 2 year birthday. In that time, we have learned a lot, and we have changed what this website means. 

Because of this, we recently went through most, if not all, of our old posts from the past 2+ years, and cleaned up. Maybe we format differently, maybe the information is outdated, and so we essentially re-edited all of the articles. Some, we decided, don’t fit anymore at all on this site, and were deleted entirely. Things like trailer breakdowns, which don’t make sense just grabbing screencaps and commenting on them. 

So go back, take a look at some of our older pieces, see what you think about them! Our articles aren’t about news, and so they aren’t meant to be read for a week and forgotten about. They are meant to be relevant for a much longer time. 

So go, enjoy some of our older pieces, now that they are up to The Nerdd’s standards! 

Unfortunately, we won’t be publishing any new pieces until this audit is done.

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