If you haven’t seen the trailer for New Mutants yet, look here!

An X-Men spin-off movie, where Arya Stark, Jonathan Byers, and the mom from I Am Legend, come together to create a horror film. I personally hate horror movies, but this makes me happy anyway, because superhero movies keep branching out into different styles and genres of film, which make them more accessible to non-superhero fans.

Other genres we have seen so far include…

Top left to clockwise – Heist, Rom-Com, Sci-fi, Western, Spy, Coming-of-age, War, High Fantasy.

Now we are adding horror to the list, which is great! We all love The Avengers, but there are plenty of movies with the cliché fights-in-tights, so its nice to see more outside of the super comicbook-y style of movie.

If we already have all of these styles, what else could we do? Gangster Penguin film like The Godfather? Disaster Krypton film like 2012? Mystery detective Batman film like Memento? Maybe a slasher Joker? There are so many options out there for amazing superhero genre shake up, and I want to see them all!

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