The Defenders became stream-able on Netflix recently, and we are already getting looks at the next two shows to arrive! Luke Cage and The Punisher are set to come out soon, with no official release date for either yet.

In the picture above, we see Luke with Detective Misty Knight, with her brand new robotic arm, as she has in the comics. At the end of The Defenders, we see her lose her arm, and being taken care of in a “state of the art” hospital that Danny Rand, The Iron Fist, owns. Fans of the comics have been looking out for the arm since she appeared on screen. Unfortunately, this is the only picture of Luke Cage s2 that has been released so far.

Luckily for us, Netflix has released many pictures of The Punisher, set to come out in the next three months. The pics below show Frank Castle in his skull-inspired outfit, doing surveillance, stealing cop cars, carrying a bouquet of flowers, growing out a gnarly beard, and looking homeless, as well as some of the other characters, which include Karen Page from Daredevil, who is the only character we know of crossing over from any of the other shows.


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