Hey there, Nerdds!

We are so excited to announce our newest addition to thenerdd.com! Introducing The Nerdd Book Club! Our book club is meant to introduce our readers to a fun group of likeminded people who wish to expand their libraries, explore new authors and share their thoughts and ideas with others. We will have (2) featured books each month: One book will focus on up and coming movie and television productions, and one book will be selected by the members of the group. In addition to weekly discussions, we will also have exclusive author interviews and Q & A sessions with the group!

So How Do I Sign Up?!

Signing up for our book club is simple! Just join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/249705925537860/

Be sure to say hello! And invite your friends! The more people we have in our group, the more fun our discussions will be!

How Do I Have My Book Featured?!

If you are a published author looking to have your books featured in The Nerdd Book Club, please contact Jessica Marie Nichols at thesebrokenkeys@gmail.com

We would love to interview you and read your work!

Thank you to all of our loyal Nerdds! We are so excited to bring this to you all!