With a new trailer for the MCU tv show Inhumans, lets take a look at what exactly Inhumans are, and why we should care.

What are (MCU) Inhumans?

During an ancient space war, the Kree came to Earth and chose a selection of regualr humans to turn into a more advanced species, called Homo Supremis, or Inhumans. The Kree did this with a process known as Terrigenisis, which essentially evolve humans instantaneously. Not to be confused, however, with X-Mens mutants, which just take jumps in evolution more naturally, although the end result is largely the same, with a variety of superpowers. Many of the Inhumans were banished to, what seems to be the moon from the new trailer, but not before they bred with regular humans, leaving children who, when exposed to terrigen mist, turn into Inhumans.


Agents of Groundwork

After inhuman movie was scrapped, they began to start having an inhuman story line in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This story line follows the children of human-inhuman crossbreeding.

Agents of SHIELD returns

It turns out that (!!HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILERS!!)… Skye is an Inhuman after contact with the Diviner and gets the power of vibration manipulation, and able to create earthquakes. In her search to find what it means that she is Inhuman, the terrigen mists are released into the earths atmosphere and a lot of other inhuman decedents go through terrigenisis and become Inhumans as well. Now there are lots of Inhumans, trying to decide what they should do with their newfound powers, especially in regards to the Sokovia Accords from Captain America: Civil War.…  

shield inhuman

Upcoming Show

This show follows the Inhumans that were banished to, what seems to be the moon, and their conflicting desires on whether or not they should go to Earth, and the results from those desires. It seems its main focus is on the Royal Family, led by Black Bolt, whose voice is able to level cities, and Medusa, who can control her hair.

Watch the new trailer here.

royal family

The show is set to come out September 1, 2017 with its first episode available in IMAX theaters, before the entire show comes out on ABC. I expect crossovers with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be plentiful.