“I’m one with the force. The force is with me.”

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Happy Star Wars Day! From the first film in 1977 it seems as if the whole world has taken the franchise into some part of their life. 

Obi Jesus

Whether you learned from parents who stood in lines to see The Empire Strikes Back or from watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in some form or another it has seeped in and there are few who do not know of it’s power.

Its a trap

In honor of today, we are here to celebrate and enjoy all that Star Wars has given us.

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From the classic lines that will influence generations to come,


To a new series of stories and characters,

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All Star Wars fans will be content for quite some time.

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On this day we’d like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped make this universe possible.

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Yes, even the Stormtroopers.


So if you’re having a rough day,


Just remember that millions of people are celebrating with you!


So grab a glass of blue milk and drink to a great day!

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