By Chaz McDonald

Archie comics is back, but not the way anybody would expect. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and even Josie and the Pussycats make their latest debut in CW’s new show Riverdale. The series takes the classic and wholesome comics and puts a gritty spin on the story. The show mimics that of the 1950s lifestyle and fashion trends, and places it in a modernized setting. It’s a teenage high school drama with a murder mystery tacked on top for good measure.

The plot revolves around the murder of Jason Blossom, who disappeared in the woods.

The characters have the classic feel of their comic book counterparts, yet there is a maturity that lies underneath drawing in more of an audience than just those of high school age. Certain things are set into motion during the pilot episode that will unfold over the course of this season. There is an adult level being brought into the story that makes this show different enough from the comic books that it is based on.

Cole Sprouse, from Disney Channel Suite Life of Zack and Cody,  is the only familiar face as Jughead

The show will appeal to a certain group of audience members and will fail to captivate another group at the same time. Riverdale has the potential to become a fan favorite and a guilty pleasure. With the pilot as strong as it was, it has secured a group of viewers to come back next week to find out what will happen on this new weekly soap opera-esque series.

Riverdale is for the millennial audience, where you have a love/hate relationship with every character.