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The trailer for the new movie Logan just released today, and I for one, am LOVING IT!

Lets break it down, shall we?

So Logan is on the run, hiding in the middle of nowhere.

He is struggling with the loss of everyone hes known and cared about, besides Professor X. A ceremony is going on nearby, that he is clearly dressed for, but doesn’t want to be a part of. Common with superhero movies.

Seeing as how those are on his knuckles, that would either happen from a bar fight, or from his claws shooting out of his skin. Either way, the fact they are bloody, means his healing factor has decreased significantly.

Further proof that his healing factor is diminished, if it even exists at all.

Charles Xavier is staying in a dome with light piercing through, not unlike Cerebro, with the panels. Probably a place for Charles to be able to focus his mind and still do as much as he can with his frail body.

Charles Xavier, visibly aged.

Logan also getting much, much older, gray hair, wrinkles, red eyes. A weathered man who seems ready to die.

A young girl, “much like you [Logan]”. Rumored to be X-23, the female clone of Logan.

Someone is coming for them, especially right after the appearance of the girl. Probably going to get her, maybe she escaped.

A mutant named Caliban, seen in X-Men: Apocalypse. He spends his life underground, and thus doesn’t do well with sunlight.

Leaving their hiding spot.

Thinking back to the days when he used to save people.

Looks like they found them.

Donald Pierce, cyborg, longtime X-Men Supervillain.

Little girl gets hurt.

On the run, definitely playing up the western feel of the movie.

He trusts her enough to literally fall asleep in her lap. Also playing up the character focus of the movie, as opposed to the saving-the-world aspect we usually get from comic book movies.

She definitely seems to be the one the soldiers are after.

Logan is ready to fight back for her.

On the run, like he did in his younger years.

He’s still got it!

Seems like she has some moves of her own. Further pointing to her being a clone of him.

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March 3, 2017