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Lets see what this teaser has in store for us!

Lets hope we see it for fun!

Drax the Destroyer


Star Lord

Gamora ready to kick ass!

Yondu and Rocket? Guess since Groot is going through puberty, Rocket needed to swap out for a little bit. Supposedly Yondu is going to be a member of the team much more this movie. Also, its raining men? Looks like Ravagers, the guys who used to work for Yondu.

Nebula, being held prisoner? Hopefully, she’ll give hints to what daddy Thanos is gonna be doing as the MCU continues.

Star Lords iconic look

Bad guys? Ravagers?

Awkward hugs about pathetic dancing. Also means that Star Lord is seriously looking at Gamora as a romantic interest, which of course Drax does not suggest. I kinda ship it though…

BABY GROOT!! Also, sitting on Rockets shoulder, reversed from last movie. Also also, Groot is wearing a cute little jacket. Thats adorable.